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because it is busy and can not take into account a few heads,boutique louboutin, growing strawberries is not very good this year. Summer strawberry seed, he had borrowed from others more than forty thousand dollars, now estimated to cost recovery is no problem, but how much profit can,doudoune pjs pas cher, not easy to say. Tian did not sow good, he looks very embarrassed.Xiao Xu said he is very happyWhen and conversation,zanotti pas cher, he kept smiling throughout, several times interrupted the parents complained, to put more contentment and optimism.He said that since last summer, the media reported his thing, the community has given him donated more than 30,000 dollars, enough for him to two years of tuition; school teacher said to his group to buy strawberries. “Sometimes I still think happiness, I got concerned about the community, I have a mom and dad, I have a full house.” He was very grateful to them, “everyone is not the same. I think I should now have something to cherish. “I asked him, “Do you want to learn side,doudoune pjs, side to take care of their families, while also kind of strawberry support the family, so much that you do have to worry about a thing, had to bear the pressure?” Always laughing Xu finally silent. For a while, he began to laugh: “I have adapted to living under pressure,tiffany roma, I will adjust myself.”Xu Longkun New Year wishesDropped out after two years of studying this semester Xu bit difficult, the results are less than ideal. This year he intends to school as the most important, reduce the strawberry acreage, two in order to avoid delay. But his greatest desire was to find a better hospital treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Commerce Bureau, Food and Drug Administration and some pig slaughtering,hollister felpe, sales staff, sales raw meat supermarket,woolrich uomo, restaurant owners, more than 140 people to attend the trial. (End)(Original title: Tonghai four people dead pork production and sales of 3000 kNew Year’s Day, “Letters Time” aired a video shoot off Zhuzheng Nan, where there was a college student Xu Longkun Jiande, suspension for two years,louboutin paris, while the self-study, while species of strawberries, but also take care of paralyzed mother.After the film aired, many viewers were impressed . This video is shot in the summer of 2010, now is the season of ripe strawberries, strawberry how he kind of? Life has not improved? Xu mother’s body there is no better? I decided to go see him in Ningbo.Xu Longkun now Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University sophomore, looks pretty sunny boy, black,parajumpers paris, thin, slightly shy, not to speak to grin. A meeting, he said a bunch of good news: four acres of strawberries are ripe, also live in the original garden shed, and her mother also received from the home side, good-hearted people to donate money back to him.However, I came to the place he planted strawberries – Yinzhou District,hollister shop online, East Town big money Yancun, saw his house personnel understand that the situation is far he describes so well.I would like to trainee reporter Xie YiHome or plastic shedThe original foundation of the small shack was gone, strawberries Tanabe,scarpe hogan outlet, Xu Longkun advertisement cloth,scarpe hogan, plastic sheeting and bamboo tablets and other materials,hogan scarpe, take a twenty to thirty meters of the shed, is bigger than the original. I interviewed that day, windy, blowing plastic sheeting on shed rushing sound,hogan outlet, the outside temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, shed up to six or seven degrees Celsius. Xiao Xu said Jiande home in good condition certainly not been accustomed to.Xu mother’s illness heavierTen years of rheumatoid arthritis let Xu Longkun mothers are deformed joints, but also because the left side effect of long-term medication, blind. Midwinter, Xu mother’s arthritis symptoms worse.

and urine should help.Xu mother has been paralyzed, Xu father suffering from chronic hepatitis can not be too tired, so the burden of caring for her mother almost fell son. Xu Longkun usually put some necessities bring home to learn to take care of my mother to return to school after dinner. Holiday weekend, he busy in the fields. Because plastic shed only a bed, Xu busy farm would be back to school to sleep. The farm’s location to the school, 10 km away.Xu said his mother, sometimes she wanted to commit suicide, do not hurt his son. Xu always be comforted her: “Mom, you do not Luanxiang, can a family reunion is good, you’re with me to talk, but also a taste of the past two years I have a little tight, there is no money in your body. But one day, I want to make money to cure your disease. “Strawberries growing very goodNow, ripe strawberries, but seems to have few red fruit. I repeated questioning,barbour jacket, Xu said.

her mother less susceptible to the point of pain.”At least let mom life can take care of themselves,hogan online, they can walk around with it. I will try my best to cure her strength,boutique louboutin paris, until I did not until this ability.” used scaffolding on child advertising cloth, there are two lines of calligraphy: “do something meaningful, not abandon, do not give up” and “WE CAN, WE DO” (I can,louboutin homme pas cher, I can). Is this a coincidence, but perhaps God.9:05 tonight, the digital television channel 0 “Express Time” will be broadcast Xu Longkun living conditions.