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not only need to change the concept of governance, but also the need to protect the system.” 18 delegates, Songjiang District secretary Sheng Yafei said, “These people’s livelihood and policy arrangements made in the report will be more and more fair to benefit all the people. “Ecological areas of reform: the establishment of paid use of resources and ecological compensation systemDeterioration of the ecological environment, the bottleneck of resources is a matter of great concern of the community. Eighteen report devoted to the construction of ecological civilization separate chapter, highlight the deepening of resource products price and tax reform,boutique louboutin, reflecting market supply and demand and resource scarcity, reflecting the ecological values � nd intergenerational compensation paid use of resources and ecological compensation system .”The price is valid adjusting lever.

but also an important source of income and wealth, this initiative report will enable the affected farmers interests are better protected chaos will curb unlawful appropriation of farmland levy issue.” 18 delegates,nike air max 1, Anji County farmer Song Chang said the United States, “the majority of farmers are looking forward to this policy, I hope seize the introduction of standards,barbour paris, and better safeguard the rights and interests of farmers.”Livelihood areas of reform: public service point “More and more fair.”Turn eighteen report,christian louboutin, “fair” word frequent, especially in improving the livelihood of the higher frequency section – vigorously promote equity in education; initial distribution and redistribution must balance between efficiency and equity,tom ford shoes, redistribution more emphasis on equity; to enhance the fairness and adapt liquidity, to ensure the sustainability focus fully completed social security system covering urban and rural residents …From 2009 onwards Shanghai Songjiang is carried out in the rural township collective asset reform,air max pas cher homme, the establishment of township farmers’ collective economic union,peuterey spaccio, to allow local farmers to become union members,tn pas cher, the full enjoyment of the right to collective asset management and revenue distribution rights,hollister, collective assets to clear people. This allows farmers to become “shareholders” of the reforms to ensure the long-term benefit of landless peasants,tn, of which only one of the town over the past two years, gave the farmers union dividend of nearly 60 million yuan.”Emphasis on equity in the people’s livelihood.

Allow migrant workers to transfer to real people,louboutin paris, not only about China’s urbanization and modernization of the future, but also to achieve fairness and justice and maintain social stability.”Solving the problem of migrant workers into the local, the key is to achieve education, employment,louboutin, health care and other equity equalization, which are closely linked to the household registration system.” 18 delegates,basket louboutin, migrant workers Honggang said: “The proposed reporting requirements, so that the majority especially the new generation of migrant workers migrant workers see hope. “Rural Land Reform: Increase the proportion of farmers allocated land value-added benefits ofEighteen report,nike tn officiel, land requisition system reform,air max femme, increase farmers’ income distribution ratio of the land value.In recent years,nike tn pas cher magasin, with the advance of industrialization and urbanization,louboutin pas cher, because land violations of the interests of farmers and thus trigger social conflicts have occurred. “Land is the lifeblood of farmers.

you can only change the use of inexpensive and even free ecological products,louboutin prix, let polluters bear the consequences of pollution practices.