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the maximum range of up to hundreds of kilometers. 366 OTH radar can compensate 346A phased array radar detection of the problem of inadequate detection distance on the sea, this approach is common practice navies using phased array radar system, launched in October 2013 as the United States Djoum Water level on the new destroyer, not only installed the SPY-3 Multi-function phased array radar, also installed X-band radar coordinate to solve the problem of detecting low-altitude sea-skimming targets.517 series air surveillance radar is a common Chinese naval air surveillance radar,louboutin, VHF 517 radar is a radar target detection accuracy is better than its microwave radar, because of the many advantages of practicality,site hollister, the Chinese navy has not to abandon the use of radar. 517 radar in bad weather conditions,nike tn 2014, still has a strong penetration and detection capabilities, ARM has to deal with anti-radiation missiles advantage,perle pandora, in theory also has the ability to detect stealth targets. 517 aircraft radar maximum detection range of over 300 kilometers goals and 360 degree azimuth coverage range. The radar has a frequency agile adaptive interference analysis capabilities, scanning antenna array can handle more than one week 500 target track, continuous 24-hour boot, need only one operator,air max pas cher pour femme, the whole power consumption is very low. 052D type of ship continues 052C model ship configuration, installed 517B type air surveillance radar, at the moment, is undoubtedly one of the best choices. The 054-type frigate used H / LJQ-360 radar,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, the maximum detection distance is far better than 517 radar, therefore you do not select this type of radar is normal. Without selection 052B and 054A-type ship 382 type of ship used as a dual-band radar coordinate air surveillance radar.

VLF communications,air max pas cher homme, microwave communications and passwords secret and other means.

052D destroyer configuration is extremely comprehensive, the installation of a new generation of Chinese self-developed H / RJZ-726 type shipboard electronic warfare systems. Can intercept enemy radar and laser signals,red bottom platform pumps, can identify situational awareness and target the enemy; can interfere with,nike air max pas cher, destroy enemy anti-ship missile homing radar, infrared, laser and airborne weapon control radar detection of the ship and tracking, the system is the integration of radar, optical offensive and defensive weapons systems against soft. 052D type of ship in a helicopter hangar deck are arranged on both sides of the two passive 726-4 / photovoltaic device jammers, 726-4 Passive / Optical interference system has automatic operating mode and independent work, can transmit infrared decoy , smoke flares, chaff decoy centimeter wave, millimeter wave chaff bombs, shells can automatically select the species,red bottom flats, quantity,chaussures louboutin pas cher, implement centroid, dilute, shelter and transfer, and other disturbances. 726-4 jamming system is also connected to the sound of water against the system, a total frame transmitting device used to transmit the sound of water against the bomb.052D 517B destroyer on surveillance radar antenna platform retains about two spherical cover satellite communications antenna, in the cab roof deck offers 366 radar antenna backside tactical satellite communications antenna on the mainmast also set up multiple data link antenna. 052D type of ship on the communication system configuration is more complete,barbour pas cher, communication system covers satellite communications,hollister abercrombie, HF communications, VHF communication, medium of communication.

is based on several considerations as follows: �517 largest air radar detection range than the 382 radar warning dozens of kilometers away; � need to set more vice-masted tall frame to solve the high need 382 radar, which will lead to the platform structure,tn requin pas cher, stealth and stability of change; �382 band radar work with other radar and electronic warfare equipment and other electronic overlap, resulting electromagnetic compatibility aspects problem, although you can hide shadow,louboutin femme, wrong frequency and electromagnetic compatibility means of control improvements, but will increase the difficulty of the design and use of; �382 a target indicator radar,basket nike tn pas cher, as radar warning,louboutin pas cher, this function has no real purpose; �382 radar the price is much higher than the 517B radar.In the electronic countermeasure.