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ignoring the childRuirui father Xiongwen Hong Luzhou Liquor Industry Development Zone in an enterprise to work, mother Zhang Yulian in Luzhou city opened a dry-cleaning shop. Yesterday falls on a weekend, in the dry-cleaning shop Ruirui accompany his mother. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Dao and Gan Xidian, the reporter noted, after coming back from buying a bottle of green tea drinks outside, Ruirui first poured a cup with a cup in front of his mother, then himself began to drink.Last September, the 9-year-old to Luzhou,boutique louboutin, Luzhou completely unfamiliar with,chaussure tn pas cher, after a school, he fell asleep on the bus,hogan scarpe, sitting on the station, sit 216 Greenview Road bus terminus. Family looking for,abercrombie italia, at 7 pm, Ruirui has appeared in the door. Ruirui said he had no money, only to walk home,christian louboutin sale, all the way along the 216 bus chase car ass, and then recover to come.After the first flight home, and cousin Among Ruirui who have had exchanges, Ruirui tell Among:. “. Several times my grandmother wanted so badly want a person secretly hiding in bed crying” Yesterday afternoon, the many suppliers to Chengdu Daily News reporter confirmed the details. In addition,chaussure zanotti, Ruirui had also told the many specialized: “grandparents poor economic conditions,abercrombie pas cher, the difficulties do not always earn them money.”Mani double fort town,moncler soldes, 62-year-old and 64-year-old Zhang Rui Xiang Huang first couple, is a microcosm of the village left behind a lot of elderly people live.Because of all the children of migrant workers.

home of nearly 10 acres of land all by two elderly farming. In addition, even after being picked Ruirui, two old yet with four grandchildren’s children. Among the oldest,spaccio woolrich, is just 11 years old this year. “Busy season, the mountains have to work at dawn. Dark to go home, very hard.” Huang first.For Ruirui, grandmother Huang especially first love. In fact, before being led to Luzhou parents every night, Ruirui are sleeping in the same bed and grandmother. “We never cursed dolls have anything good to say. I have said more than once with Ruirui parents, doll not too strict. On learning they do not grasp so tight. Dolls can learn how much count. “And relaxed compared grandparents, parents will have many severe. Because the job is completed well, last year was led Luzhou parents Ruirui has repeatedly encountered physical pain,boutique louboutin paris, “ass kids played with a coat hanger.” Zhang Yulian said.For his son, Zhang Yulian heart full of guilt,chaussure jordan, “In order to live,nike tn 2014, busy making money before the son of long-term lack of parental care. And feelings grandparents even better than Mom and Dad. We are also changing the way kids communicate something and nothing more. will no longer play a kid! flee three times in a row.

including a child,cheap louboutin shoes, and we are good to talk to him,scarpe hogan, and nothing hit him. “Psychological experts Parents need to pay more to reshape the family”Grandfather poor economic conditions at home; there is life, there is hope — I heard these words, how will feel like a 10-year-old child from his mouth, but that is the truth.” Ruirui mother Zhang Yulian to Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lian Lian and Gan Kai. Just accept the Chengdu Business Daily Reporter interview,basket louboutin, the district where the junior partner to the river called Ruirui kite flying, he ran up. Zhang Yulian said that although Ruirui district arrived soon, but has a lot of friends,red bottom shoes, there are a lot of play,christian louboutin shoes, so he’s adaptable, not because it can not adapt to city life runaways.For Ruirui this behavior, director of Sichuan Police College Counseling Center, associate professor of psychology Chen believes that “this is the ‘stocking’ and ‘captive’ difference. Now 10-year-old child in the city.

two blocks family are on tenterhooks. Parents give their children paving shop was very good,nike air max, in fact, is not conducive to the child’s growth. “According to media reports, the country has nearly 60 million children left behind, a survey shows that there are different degrees of psychological problems, nearly 60 percent of the children left behind.