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usually reward outstanding students credit vouchers,barbour france, ending convertible prizes, and the prizes on display in the school building for students to showcase They observe. Plan a children’s enthusiasm greatly improved, wants to win more credit voucher. For example, if you get an excellent collective class, each student can get 1 point; was elected flag in hand,tiffany outlet, you can get 2 points; help students, you can get 2 points; excellent duty was elected member, you can get 5 classification.”Through their own efforts to get the prize, and I’m very happy to meet.” Qingshuitang three small student and Ciez state told reporters.”Not able to get better results.”Six (a) class is the class Peng Siwei “awarding king”, and today he credits with a 11 dollar ticket he wanted cube-free operations, and other prizes. He is a representative of the class of art classes, like to participate in various activities and competitions,air max one, and took a lot of awards. “In the school office analog hearing took 2 minutes,scarpe hogan, RC aeromodelling took three awards won six points, as the flag-raising and holding two points …” Peng Siwei told reporters familiar, good credit scores are not able to get a ticket .Speaking of hearing, Peng Siwei very proud, because he held together and Zhu Rong and other students in the class of this hearing was the person in charge of education and transportation department’s attention,giuseppe zanotti, the content of the hearing is Qingshuitang three small entrance road and only 807 205 Road Xingsha two bus lines,christian louboutin outlet, whether it is necessary to increase the bus lines. Analog hearing was held last December in the school, and Zhu Rong Peng Siwei chaired. “Our results demonstrate that, with the gradual increase in Kaifu District Fuyuan Road surrounding area residents, the original bus route planning has been unable to meet the real needs, the need to increase the line.” said the proposal has been handed over to the education and transportation sectors. � Hunan Huasheng all media reporter He WeilingTeachers and parents say Encourage students out of the classroom.

“with the scratch-like,cheap louboutin shoes, even if not pass,woolrich, and my heart will not be so depressed!”User: achievement query system very lovingThe evening of January 31,woolrich parka, a new culture network users “ccxuming” New Culture Network “Changchun city thing” made a forum is “Come onlookers crash Chittagong achievement query system, too love!” Posts, attracting many netizens.Post said, “To check the results, the first to shave! … So creative! Even hang Branch students will not be too depressed ah! Exam is like buying a lottery ticket, a scratch, in a, another scrape … ha ha! “The following content is also attached a piece similar to” scratch “in Fig.”Very creative, give students a psychological preparation !!! Haha!” New Culture Network friends “Xin intellectuals.

27 kinds of credit coupon convertible prizesChocolate, hairpins,barbour femme, Cube, shuttlecock … Qingshuitang three small awarding more than 1,000 students at four points they want to redeem prizes, as many as 27 kinds of species. Apart from some material rewards, but also spiritual,boutique louboutin, such as free operations,giubbotti moncler, and teachers do the games, radio stations free VOD, etc., in the hands of every child has at least one credit voucher.Voucher is how come? Satisfied with the school principal week introduced from November 20 last year, the school began to implement a pay credit voucher system.

the overall quality of training”We hope in the form of vouchers awarding of credits, so that children develop good habits,hollister pas cher, improve participation in social practice enthusiasm.” Zhou told reporters satisfaction,christian louboutin sale, credits not be able to get through school exams, prompting students to out of the classroom the ability to exercise their social practice,piumini moncler, overall quality of training.”My daughter just read the first grade, before love picky eaters to eat at home and leftovers, since the teacher said after a meal can reward good performance a credit, every time she must eat a bowl of grain none left.” Parent Ms. Cheng said with a smile, so I did not expect the school’s method of work.Reporter’s notes Let every child flashIn awarding the scene, the reporter saw each child smiles, holding the hands of their coupons, happily pick their favorite prizes. Some children will become the hands-free operation redeem coupons all the coupons,abercrombie and fitch, so you can more opportunities and parents out of play. Unlike ending to the so-called “eugenics” awards, at flea markets, each child found his glittering and value. Herein lies the essence of education,christian louboutin cheap, do not give the child label, not to score on the merits, so that every child play to their strengths, grow up happy. Winter arrived, parents can give their children reported fewer points cram it? Make them happy multi-point, a lot of experience to go wider world.Recently, Jilin University, Office of Academic Affairs launched a creative examination results query system that college students have been generally recognized. School of Computer Science and Technology Xu Jilin University student said.