Box Type Crusher Inspection And Maintenance

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Many a little makes a mickle, no little steps, no a long march, no small streams, no a big river. Want to achieve the desired effect of crushing, Crusher small scale gold mining equipment daily inspection and maintenance is important, Zenith Machinery summary of several points for everyone box Crusher maintenance important: everything we do is for customer satisfaction
In the box Crusher should follow the following points of operation and maintenance to cost of table top wet grinder achieve a multiplier effect, otherwise it would fail and thus be greatly reduced efficiency.
1. Box Crusher at work, feeding should be uniform, if uneven feed will contribute to a lower production capacity, product size too large, frequent spring action, bearing pressure, power consumption increased.
2. Box Crusher machine iron clay brick making machine in india Remover against crushing cavity iron, if you iron frequently, it may cause broken shaft accident.
3. Not producing at full capacity, otherwise there will be a size too small.
4. Spring pressure must not be too tight, excessive stress can also have a broken shaft accident, spring pressure is too small frequently beat, impact crusher deformities, and the product became finer granularity.
5. Lubricant must not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the machine.
6. Lubricants to always replace, not too dirty, too dirty gear would be accelerated and the Bowl-shaped tiles, bushings and other wear and tear.
7. Drive belt is too tight, otherwise it will cause roll drive shaft without motor or DUN, nor too loose, otherwise it will cause broken mirror.
8. Box Crusher feeding cannot be too wet and too sticky, fine not too much, nor too big, otherwise it will cause the mirror.
9. Ore Crusher discharge opening accumulation can also cause nausea.
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