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from the Academy of Social Sciences, the NPC, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and other institutions The team of experts involved in the development of multiple options for reform. August 12,bracciale tiffany, the pension reform program proposed by the people took the lead in the online public Tsinghua University, where relevant, “From the beginning of 2015 to implement step by step plan to delay retirement, complete male and female workers and residents 65 years of age pension before 2030 contents of the target, “the extraordinary attention.”Improving receive pension age is whether to delay retirement?” Tsinghua pension reform program in the online publication, a ripple, caused social hot.Just looking at his wife retired to every garden in walking, talking,hogan outlet, can get a monthly pension of 3.

000 yuan,abercrombie et fitch, who lives in Beijing’s Xicheng District, Xi Wang House Taoyuan group in envy at the same time, the heart also made from a whisper,hollister, “I on time to retire it? “and,hollister, like Chen Han, another 5 years to retirement age, Wang group recently been concerned about the current pension reform issues,air max femme, especially in the current hot” Tsinghua program. “Program that according to actuarial principles,outlet moncler, the average life expectancy at 75 years of conditions, pension age should be 60 years old, while the average life expectancy after 2030 China is expected to reach 80 years of age, the pension age should be increased to 65 years.So Tsinghua delayed pension scheme made the following arrangements: first.

from 2015, female workers and residents in 1965 were born to defer a year pension,gioielli tiffany, born in 1966, delayed for two years,tiffany outlet, and so on, to 2030 women 65 years of age pension. The second, from 2020,hollister italia, 1960 born male workers and residents delayed six months pensioners, and so on, until 2030 male workers and residents 65 years of age pension. Male and female workers can be tough job ahead of 10-year pension.The current retirement age of 60 male workers, female workers retire at age 50, female cadres retirement age of 55,woolrich, hardship posts Male 55 years old, female 45 years old to retire, are starting from a pension when they retire. To this end,chaussures christian louboutin, Tsinghua University’s “65-year-old pensioner delay” option by many media interpreted as “delayed retirement age of 65,” caused an uproar among the people.”We’re slaving away working class can not get much more than the number of retirees, who did not want to retire early ah.” Wang said the group emotionally,louboutin pas cher, retirement is our right,hogan olympia uomo, is deprived of the right to delay retirement.

I strongly oppose!Social Survey Wang and Chen Han only opposition group delay retirement “army” in one, Sohu news recently for more than 25,000 people conducted a study entitled “Your attitude to delay retirement,” also showed that 94.5 percent of respondents clearly expressed their opposition to delay retirement, only 3.2% of respondents said they support,moncler doudoune, 2.3% of respondents said that attitude or neutral.The face of almost overwhelming opposition,ciondolo tiffany, one of the principal drafters of Tsinghua programs, Professor of Public Management, Tsinghua University Yang Yan Sui weekend in an interview with reporters,abercrombie & fitch, said the rule of law to understand, “released the program is to listen to different voices,moncler outlet online, different views and charges proposal.