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the nature,bracciali tiffany, circumstances, combined with confession and repentance, such as attitudes,abercrombie and fitch milano, opinions part of the appeal,tn soldes, Yong (old Yong), Radix and other parts of the appellant to be the adoption and shall be commuted to the corresponding part of the first instance verdict on the part of the trial the defendant’s sentence was appropriately adjusted.Second instance trial, the part of the appellant and counsel pointed investigators to take the case of illegal torture methods, such as fatigue and other interrogation methods to obtain confessions and other copy transcripts.

for the offense to be dealt with leniently appropriate. For these reasons the second trial,tiffany milano, according to the law were commuted Liu Yibo, upheld the judgment against the appellant Liu Yibo guilty of organizing and leading the crime syndicate, disturb the crime, extortion, crime mob to disturb social order, misappropriation of funds, bid-rigging crime harboring crime, illegal acquisition of national key protected plants,tiffany orecchini, embezzlement, bigamy conviction and sentencing judgment,giuseppe zanotti, and the judgment part of the embezzlement conviction,ciondolo tiffany, non-national staff of accepting bribes. Verdict revoked the appellant guilty of fraudulent investment withdrawal of funding judgment of sin,doudoune moncler homme, sentencing part of embezzlement, taking bribes non-national staff of the judgment, as well as the recovery of the stolen money and decided to implement the penalty portion of the sentence. Liu Yibo law appellant made a second trial, graft, decided to implement the twenty-three years in prison and confiscation of property of $ 400,000 fine six million yuan, and recover the illegal income 4,abercrombie firenze,693,400 eighty-one yuan.According to the fact that the whole case of second instance.

these Confession does not have legitimacy, can not serve as a basis for decision. The legality of the evidence by the court were investigated and a comprehensive review of the relevant evidence that there was doubt , Huang Xilin, other 10 people in the 22 interrogation transcripts of evidence legitimacy, are inadmissible. Other testimony, investigation and evidence collection procedures lawful authority, shall be admissible.Appellant’s relatives, media reporters and all walks of life, more than 100 people attend the sentencing.China news agency, Shijiazhuang, November 24 (Reporter Chen Lin) -, According to the 24th Hebei Provincial Public Security Bulletin, January 2013 to October 2014,moncler outlet online, Hebei police investigation producing and selling toxic and hazardous yuba 26 cases,abercrombie france, arrested suspects 35 people, involving a total value of 5.846 million yuan.The police official said that in such cases,christian louboutin pas cher, the alleged offender to seek illegal interests.

leadership crime syndicate. Zhibin Liu, Huang Xilin, other 27 who were active participants in the organization and general participants constitute participate in the crime syndicate.Loudi City Intermediate People’s Court upheld the view that in order to Liu Yibo as organizer and leader of the syndicate has implemented various types of organized crime 44 times. The relevant members of the organization were also constitute the crime of intentional injury, disturb the crime, extortion, crime mob to disturb social order,hogan, illegal detention, illegal possession of firearms,louboutin pas cher, gambling, crime, casino crimes, forced trading crime, the crime of bid-rigging, harboring and other crimes. trial found guilty of false investment, capital flight crime,moncler doudoune, criminal law modifications and changes due to the second instance shall be revoked; trial found guilty of accepting bribes non-national staff, upon inspection,tiffany gioielli, Liu Yibo, who accept the fact that 10,chaussures christian louboutin,000 yuan bribe unclear , insufficient evidence, be corrected; During the second trial,doudoune moncler pas cher, Liu Yibo entrust their relatives returned to their initiative misappropriation of public funds of 100 million.