Brief Introduction of Construction Waste Crusher

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Large construction waste crusher, is relative to the small and medium construction waste crushing equipment in terms of its large size, high capacity, suitable for larger crushing manufacturers need, but also has a simple structure, reliable, smooth operation, energy efficient , No pollution, less noise and other characteristics. Construction waste crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, roads, water conservancy, metallurgy and many other areas, is the first stone to complete the first choice of equipment.

Construction waste crushing equipment, PF type of construction waste treatment equipment type of one, because the rotor size is Φ1320 × 1500mm named.

The maximum capacity of the construction waste crushing equipment under this model can reach 130-250 tons per hour, allowing the feed particle size to be 500 (mm), the inlet size of 860 × 1520 (mm), the external dimensions of 3180 × 2720 × 2620 (mm), the required motor power of 6P 220kw, the total weight of about 27 tons, mainly applicable to the compressive strength of not more than 350MPa of coarse, medium and fine materials, With a large crushing ratio, broken material was cube particles, wear parts long life advantages.

Characteristics of construction waste crusher

I designed the company’s large-scale construction waste crusher is into the countless effort and energy, its product characteristics are particularly prominent, other businesses can not match;

1, discharge mouth design in particular, the material size uniform, orderly, while adjusting the range increased by 1.5 times, better meet customer requirements;

2, the structure is simple, reliable, the overall operating costs reduced by at least 30%, its high efficiency, yield, finished stone grain beauty, excellent quality;

3, energy saving, fuel efficient, annual savings of energy costs at least 40% or more;

4, small investment, wide income, good quality, long life, installation, operation easier.

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