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Click here for a full list of all top-rated android tablet PCsThe long-awaited love child of Google and Android is now on the shelves for anybody to buy. The innovative design, and superb functionality of the android tablet pc is sure to leave even the most critical of critics delighted. These elegant piece of technology fully bridge the gap between desktop PC and smartphone through all of their fantastic features and capabilities. These innovative machines allow you to surf the Internet with ease and download and browse the all of your favorite sites and files in nearly an instant. Not only that, but they can allow you to watch movies n high definition, listen to your favorite music and come equipped with a variety of applications that allow you easy access to everything that you need on the go.
For the benefit of the reader, I have compiled a complete listing of all of the top-rated android tablets. This will allow the buyer to find exactly what they need in their android tablet or google android tablet and give them a purchase that they will most certainly enjoy. I have picked the top android tablets based on customer reviews, aesthetics price, and functionality. I hope you enjoy.Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with Android

This fantastic archos android tablet comes equipped with a whopping 500 GB hard drive, for an android tablet that is absolutely ridiculous big. With the huge hard drive comes the ability to store massive amounts of information including your favorite music, movies, pictures and whatever other documents you need saved. On top of the hard drive the functionality of this model is absolutely fantastic. The Archos 5 500 GB Android Tablet pc boasts 10 hours of audio or four hours of high definition video on a single charge. This model comes equipped with a 5 inch touch screen, 800 x 480 pixel resolution and 16 million colors.

On top of the built-in apps this model also contains a fantastic handheld GPS device complete with 3-D photorealistic navigation which allows you to get where you need to go with ease, and style. This model is one of the best-selling android tablets and for good reason, this model is purchased will certainly not let you down.Maylong 7-inch M-150 WiFi Middie Universe Tablet Powered by Android

This android tablet, while not as high-tech as the previous model it also comes with a much lower price tag. For those of you who once the reasonably priced, and simple yet functional android tablet, this is the buy for you. This tablet comes complete with a 7 inch touchscreen along with a web browser, YouTube access, a good variety of applications, and e-book reader and a digital music and video player. Overall, for the price, this model is a fantastic purchase and I would recommend it to anyone.Zenithink 10″ Touchscreen Android 2.1 Tablet

This android tablet is one of the biggest android tablets that we have seen, this model boasts a 10 inch touchscreen and comes as close to the iPad as possible. The visual display on this google android tablet pc is nothing short of amazing as it comes equipped with 1080p hi definition resolution model comes with a standard library of android applications and has the ability to stream live music and live video with fantastic quality. I would highly suggest this model for anyone who doesn’t mind paying a little bit more free huge difference in video quality and aesthetic value.

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