Characteristics of Talc powder ultrafine mill

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Heavy calcium powder is calcium carbonate, usually also often refers specifically to calcite powder. It is mainly composed of calcite, marble and limestone grinding made of ultrafine mill . According to the size of the particles, it is generally necessary to use the adjustable size of ultra-fine grinding equipment, sometimes because of special requirements, you need to choose other types of milling equipment.

In daily production, we often use coarse whiting powder, or used with heavy calcium powder products. The chemical fertilizers in agricultural production has an important role in the paint industry, building materials have great application, and it is also used in papermaking, chemical fiber, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries, and even the food and feed industry also cannot do without heavy calcium powder products.

General selection of ultrafine grinding of heavy calcium powder to grind, calcite, chalk and marble will use ore crusher to the appropriate size, and then through the ultrafine mill, coarse whiting powder products are. Heavy calcium powder is commonly used in powder filling material, belonging to the inorganic material, through the ultrafine grinding of heavy calcium powder grinding fineness of preparation is higher, the qualified rate is higher, the production efficiency is very high, more suitable for the preparation of various applications of heavy calcium powder than the general milling equipment. Because of its relatively large inertia, not easy chemical reaction, good stability, and not easy to decompose, so you can choose ultra-fine powder equipment, milling it, can make a variety of uses of products.

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