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very dangerous, and we suspect that the boy was on the outside should have a partner.” Police investigators said, but in the periphery Luomou home to find a circle, and found no suspicious persons. Targeted police interrogation little boy, but he refused to say anything. Police analysis, this is no accident. In the ongoing inquiry, the police on the little boy patiently enlighten and eventually learned from a few words,charms pandora, the boy theft is subject to the instigation Lee stepmother.Police and suspect passAccording to this important clue police quickly check Lee’s residence and eventually found its rent to live in Guiyang Xing Guan Road area. A few days later, police sent six police officers, in the vicinity of the rental Lee was squatting, looking for the opportunity to their arrest.Due to the physical characteristics have not mastered Lee and Yang’s current boyfriend, police had arrested and pass each other.

according to the case follow it, finally cracked a series of burglaries, theft gang successfully destroyed a family home consisting of four. Yesterday afternoon, the Public Security Bureau to inform the media Ming case.The boy had taken refuge in abandoned cardboard theftAccording to Ming Chaoyang Public Security Bureau police station to police investigators, the afternoon of November 12, the Institute received a living in a district of Guiyang Wun Road, 5th Floor, Wu households report, said he returned home from work outside the house have found traces of flip while the doors and windows intact, four view has not seen the thief disappeared. He suspected thief should still their house, hoping to help the police out of the police search.After receiving the alarm, police immediately arrange Chaoyang police the police deal with. After police arrived Wu home to find their house full, final on the 5th floor balcony outside luomou home an abandoned cardboard box, locate the culprit burglary, he was a 13-year-old boy. The police then brought back to the police station for further investigation boy. The boy eventually confessed that he is from the 5th floor Fanchuang implemented into the households of theft.”Fanchuang burglary from the 5th floor.

see the police arrest time is ripe, the two men were arrested immediately.Parents of children committing crimes arrangement leakedUnder questioning, Yang explained that he was a drug addicts, from the Internet to learn techniques to unlock, at Lee’s “teachings” organization and implementation of burglary. And Lee’s ex-husband, was arrested for burglary in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Police find home in Luo carton boy is the son of her ex-husband, Lee, and Lee did his blood. According to the survey, as well as Lee, a 10-year-old daughter, when he and Yang crime, also arranged for the young girl involved in spreading rumors. Police then arrested the name of 10-year-old little girl.According to Yang and Lee explained, when they commit crimes.

usually let the two children wearing uniforms to knock on the door, in order to relax the vigilance of others. Once a household was nobody at home, Lee and Yang on the use of technical unlock the implementation of burglary, child then leaked out. Once an abnormality is detected, the two parents to evacuate immediately. Think that even a child-headed arrested, nor will the children how.Police from both rental housing, the collection of the proceeds of crime cameras, mobile phones, necklaces, coins and other stolen goods, the total value of more than 20,000 yuan of crime. Currently, Lee and Yang Ming police have been under criminal detention, the boy was captured, the transformation has been sent to reform school in Guiyang, the little girl has been handed over to their relatives, so that they help to strict discipline.(Original title: adult child tentative knock unlock Water dragon plum and other elected the province’s “Top Ten self-Girl”Born three months abandoned; 8 years old father died, mother gradually blind eyes, eight kilometers every day to cross the mountain to go to school; After high school, she took her blind mother living in the school, while studying, while the sensible care … , self-girl network is to be known as the “Guizhou Daughters” water dragon plum.

but the other party has never appeared. According to the description and the surrounding landlord tenants, police initially mastered the physical characteristics substantially and now her boyfriend Lee Yang eventually rushed to suspect surveillance for rental housing in the vicinity of the dam after another at Guiyang.November 14, when police in the 10 hours after the dam after the squat, and finally found the two suspects walked around the rear back door of the dam from the rental stations, fast on a car. Secret police car followed, when the suspect vehicle to Guiyang Guanshanhu District.

Sheriff ginger and daughter really destined, in June 2010, the first father and daughter to Beijing Huangzhi Ren therapy is where the train ride home ginger sergeant, after six months or one who wanted to train, or in the trunk 17 22 No secondary or sheriff value by Jiang Baolin, dolphin loving father and daughter build a home for the holiday Huangzhi Ren “green channel.”30, 7 pm, Bengbu Bengbu Railway Police Department, six police station police station early in the platform such as the paraplegic lift under the train and brought the car home from Bengbu Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau sent.Huangzhi Ren railway police repeatedly to thank the selfless help, only 14 years old Wong Fung talkative, moved to tears. 30 at noon, Huangzhi Ren daughter home safely, has 78 years in the yellow grandmother smiling father and daughter facing a time of less than 20 square meters of the house is filled with joy, laughter, thank sound, sound and blend into a blessing .. ..Pictured Bengbu Railway Police Department, police sent to Wong Fung Chinese New Year gift.Zhang Zongming Shaoshan Sun (Reporter Zhang Bin intern Yangqin She shadow reports) 13-year-old boy, repeatedly sneaked into the homes of the implementation of burglary. Ming police after receiving the alarm, immediately start the investigation.