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according to Voice of China “News” reported that by the end of August early September is the end of the summer school season, the University of New Life The first thing is to pay, opening large expenditures Students and parents have become a major problem of headache. Because in addition to pay tuition fees, accommodation, books beyond these basic costs, with students now have mobile phones, computers and other new electronic products.It is understood that freshmen twenty years between school spending has gone up more than a hundred times, now often more than two million. School really need to spend so much money? This year was admitted to the University Institute of Technology, Zhengzhou Wang Pengcheng cited his spending plans.Wang Pengcheng: 3600 yuan tuition, books 400 yuan, 800 yuan accommodation,chaussure jordan, a total of 4800 dollars, about 1000 yuan for living expenses,tiffany, what to eat, buy daily necessities. Enough to spend 1000 dollars a month, if love, then certainly missed money.The king of the students just to name a few essential expenses, which have not yet counted the list of consumer electronics devices.

parents who have said that road, “terrible”, often saw a man lurking in the bushes. But has not someone the police for help, until Xiaowen happened, the police learned that message.Police Bulletin: suspects XingJuAt 13:30 on September 17,nike france, 2014, Mr. Jiang Mulberry police station received a report said: his daughter Jiang on September 17 when passing through the old village was a strange man Mulberry infringement. After receiving the report, Dongcheng police quickly organized elite police force, to carry out the work of investigating this case. After police investigators conducted an extensive survey work visits, locking a suspect, and at 19 am the same day, in the East wentang a rental successfully captured the suspects.Preliminary interrogation by the police, the suspect Ouyang (male, 30 years old, Hunan Chenzhou people) confessed his noon on September 17 against the facts of the crime Jiang,barbour soldes, now the public security organs have been legally suspect Ouyang a criminal detention.(Original title: Wando perverted men lurking roadside bushes attacked repeatedly crossing female CNR Net Beijing August 29 news (reporter to fly).

lived in a village school opposite the main entrance, about 1 km away from the school. To save time, go to school every day, after school, Xiaowen and other students have to pass through a country road, on both sides of this road is the banana groves and orchards, roads are overgrown with weeds.That afternoon, Xiaowen go in a small way, and suddenly out of the bushes of a “perverted man”, will be implemented by force against a small orchard into a simple metal housing, Xiaowen shouted for help and strong resistance,parajumpers pas cher, and ultimately escape. ” perverted man “claws. Xiaowen ran crying to get out after a local family home for help. Informed sources, Xiaowen was disheveled,red bottoms, body covered with mud, obviously neck pinch marks. Subsequently,moncler soldes, Xiaowen was brought home, the parents that situation immediately called the police and taken to hospital for treatment Xiaowen.Xiaowen infringed the news spread like wildfire in the nearby villages. Reporters visited that, Xiaowen not the only victims. Yesterday 11:40 Xu, Zhao positive school school hours,nike air max 1, the reporter visited the road when the incident happened to encounter Vonnie lone home.Vonnie told,woolrich parka, there are times via the path home from school,red bottom shoes for women, a man suddenly rushed out from the bushes, grabbed her from behind and embrace the chaos, the shouting was able to break free. “Now afraid to go this route, but too far detour.”Parents often see men lurkingYesterday,hogan sito ufficiale, President Zhou Zhaohui school introduced after the incident,chaussure louboutin, the victim was not the parents to the school feedback event details, Xiaowen as of yesterday did not go back to school. “To hear such a thing, as we grieved and parents, students, and my heart has been traumatized.” President Zhou said Xiaowen After returning to school, the school will arrange for professional counseling teacher Xiaowen psychological counseling and communication.”We usually require students to go home must go hand in hand.

not a person walking, especially girls.” President Zhou said that in order to prevent similar incidents, the school will convene a meeting to inform students and parents to improve prevention, recommends parents try taking the time to pick up the child.When reporters visited section of the incident found that many students live in the school across the village,moncler sito ufficiale, passing through the road every day. Reporters saw yesterday after school, there are still many students have chosen the road to go home, some go hand in hand, but there are also female students home alone.According to Ms. Wong speaking parents complained, in fact, at the time of its previous shuttle children, they often found a man hiding in the grass.”That the children from school,louboutin heels, I saw a man lying on the haystack inside, scared I almost cried out.” Ms Wong said that each passing this way,felpe hollister, she will live in fear. The reporter then interviewed several parents.

is College of Animal Science and Technology,doudoune parajumpers, Jilin Agricultural University,barbour pas cher, Lee students enrolled in this regard has already spent more than 10,000 yuan mom.Lee students: bought a new computer,barbour femme, buy a mobile phone, iphone5, and now the latest thing.