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the last one with THE STAFF ID scans.THE STAFF borrowers monthly interest for every dollar 2-5 minutes,tiffany italia, so high interest naturally attracted a lot of people. “Investment Co., do the hotel, good reputation, high interest rates,christian louboutin cheap,” these words of praise for THE STAFF gradually in the local spread, those who lend money to him to start a free advertising, more and more people to find him, the initiative put money in his place, then surely, “eat interest.” A little cautious point will go to THE STAFF companies get an actual situation, but a palatial office and see a good few vertical entrance sign, we think the company is very formal, safely save money.The second half of 2010, THE STAFF villagers to borrow other people’s qualifications, to a village a few households rented six acres of mountain,woolrich outlet, rent for $ 150,000. He wants others boast farmhouse, do tourism, he said later engage in farming, but eventually gone below. Thereafter THE STAFF dial also brought several people to visit,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, claiming that he bought these mountains, worth several hundred million.

After his release, THE STAFF first work in a courier company, but their meager income. The summer of 2009, he started to help people usury,barbour france, the boss gave him back the loan in accordance with the commission, paid. April 2010, THE STAFF registered Jiangshan City Leifeng Shun Cai Trading Company, had intended to do car dealers, but a closer understanding of the market and found that too little money,moncler sito ufficiale, they start a direct lending business. In October, he opened with a partner because of the casino gambling by the court sentenced to seven months imprisonment and fined 10,000 yuan.But in the eyes of the locals,scarpe hogan, THE STAFF is a “Tyrant”, dressed all brands, smoked cigarettes is one of 1600 yuan,christian louboutin shoes, “and the world”, frequented the country, Hangzhou and other places of entertainment. His lavish, hand toss that tens of thousands or even tens of million. Once, a friend told him that you want to block watch, he readily took off wrist watches worth thousands of dollars to give a friend.2011, THE STAFF of the company for a new office space, he was up and down the original capital in the decoration, decoration and furniture,louboutin soldes, spent a total of 2.35 million yuan. When companies move, the friend gave him a 4-meter-long Burmese rosewood tables,moncler outlet, THE STAFF deliberately placed in the office, added a bit of style. He also has a pretty burn hobby – to buy a car. In just two years, he bought half a dozen vehicles, including Cadillac, Audi, BMW,doudoune moncler, Mercedes-Benz, spent a total of 3.5 million yuan. But he did not care, open tired,barbour soldes, an accident,soldes louboutin, they sell low-priced second-hand car market.In June 2011, a village in Jiangshan City by City bidding centers office rental.

THE STAFF plan to rent down to open the hotel. Opening day, he threatened the other seven bidders: “! You better not compete with me, If you give me a face,tiffany outlet, I will give you easy; if I must keep to grab it at your peril,mulberry outlet,” opening when not and he dared to bid, THE STAFF cheap 120 million bid to the building. After winning, he triumphantly on the spot to come up with 350,000 yuan split gave it seven bidders.High interest stories, drew billowing fundsIn fact, THE STAFF of the “generous” spend someone else’s money. Since the establishment of Jiangshan City color Trading Company,abercrombie pas cher, he would excuse company needs people around him began to borrow money. At first, he told them, “depositor” ordinary issued IOUs,cheap christian louboutin shoes, and later evolved into “shareholder contribution record card” and “borrowing this.” These little red book is similar to bank passbook, home loan cases recorded, the middle pages is “interest payment records” and “dividend record summary”.