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but to give you some enthusiasm, but also that the Government is willing to have the urge to do it, the developers are willing to build it the impulse, the impulse to be able to operate the enterprise have it, people have the urge willing to accept such a relocation program? “The answer is undoubtedly commercial development.

it is thanks to the successful experience of “Yu Lane” project in Ningbo,tiffany firenze, a chance to do the project in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai.In a lecture entitled “The protection of historical and cultural city renewal and development”,doudoune moncler femme, Zhujun Fu Yu Lane through the transformation of the case, elaborated Boston design concept. One of the most central point is that, to achieve the goal of accessibility of the historic district.”Let the old city is to achieve convenience, the public nature of the target, the neighborhood becomes a closed an open neighborhood and, finally, make this neighborhood can multi balance and achieve win-win situation.” Zhujun Fu said.The concrete implementation of this concept is that in the transformation Yu Lane, Boston, designed a “fishbone” structure: “both sides have an entrance in the middle is 8 meters wide pedestrian main street, on both sides of the alley like a fishbone like extension to each neighborhood. In other words.

its leading historical and cultural district of the project, many cities throughout the country.”The problem is most serious place, so absurd renovation ideas are very popular in the country.” Xie Chen Chan said.Whether to adopt the Boston Design,abercrombie, the decision naturally in local government. And why local governments like the “Boston model”? Nobody more thorough analysis than Zhujun Fu.”The traditional idea of � he project is the first government after the government step in to compensate the project in place, the government then led the relocation of the residents, the leading operator and construction achievements, the leading investment – the results of which led to, in a very tight time and a lot of financial pressure next,chaussures louboutin pas cher, in order to complete a task,hollister pas cher france, the government assumed all responsibility, and finally the government had to carry a heavy burden. ” said in his speech.He then raised thinking: “how to protect our culture.

we put a hundred-meter-wide street in the middle of the column carefully opened, a lot of people can come into this neighborhood,collana tiffany, to assume the role of a pedestrian plaza, so each house can be public open. “The opening goal, is operating. To this end, Zhujun Fu even asked, even designer must “know business, know the future operations.”And he also forthrightly formulation business, said: “Only by allowing everyone to jointly operate the historic district, in order to better management, better protection,doudoune pjs, so that some of the behind the scenes of the historic district to the front, so that some of the relatively intimate gradually open space, while the privatization of space had gradually converted to living mainly oriented towards public space. “Such a transformation of thinking, was the common opposition of local cultural protection department and planning department. Zhujun Fu recalled, they want to develop underground space, this house on the ground to the whole basic demolition, there is unhistorical officer said to him:. ” you underground to really do,bracciale tiffany, I’ll bury myself in it.”In the realization of “fishbone” Imagine the process, for the narrow alley to the original 8-meter-wide expansion into Main Street, Boston, and local cultural protection design, planning department deadlocked for a year.Unhistorical experts on the “Boston model” same nose. Chinese Heritage Society, honorary president, has presided over the drafting of conservation law known experts Chensheng Xie told the “Legal Daily” reporters: “This split real antiques,woolrich arctic parka, antique model built entirely false nonsense,tiffany gioielli, is completely wrong.””Some local officials say that what I want to transform. Ruins can transform it? Artifacts can build? That slogan is wrong.” Xie Chen Chan said, to protect the site as it should be repaired, one should not transform, build.Impulse commercial interestsYou can see from the Boston Design’s official website.

the Western Lake renovation project was halted,nike tn 2014, but the residents have moved out of the old neighborhoods, protect and repair the task even more urgent. One can get rid of the past, “major demolition and construction” model, nor will add local financial planning over the introduction of a large burden of protection has become a priority.However, although the relevant national experts in the field have to research many times, Ningbo Municipal Planning Bureau has issued a “brainstorming” invitation to the public, but such a plan still has difficult introduced. Ningbo Municipal Planning Bureau,hollister soldes, a staff member told reporters: “The government is now binding the hands,doudoune moncler femme, do not know how to do it.”Ningbo is just a microcosm of this state. The same dilemma protect historical and cultural city, the same argument with no solution, almost plaguing all 119 historical and cultural city.”Boston model”Earlier this year, Dean of Architecture,doudoune moncler, Tsinghua University Yin Zhi a rare intense wording in the microblogging community to mobilize the National Building Plan “Boston International Design Group,” blasted China. This makes this historic district to transform Chinese company known by the unprecedented media attention.Starting in 2005, this claim is headquartered in Boston, “foreign company” continues to intervene in the historic district of Beijing transform cities, Ningbo, Chongqing, almost became a major transformation of the historic district genre. And their rehabilitation programs, without exception,ciondoli tiffany, have been criticized unhistorical profession.In the text of Paul who had a wisdom seems,christian louboutin pas cher, “Boston model”, is the original form of the living history of the formation, by large demolition and construction,nike tn, commercial form completely changed, and moved out Aboriginal, off Old Street area of � he historical context .And Ningbo, is the “Boston model” to the origin of. Design Boston president has said.