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and said it would realistically identify the reasons, according to the law, and as soon as possible to give a fair account of the deceased.Loitering after midnight was the first pick and placeYunhui had five Zhaizhen Cheng County Water Village villagers, has been working in Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places. In late May of this year, it has been working in Dongguan Yunhui call relatives, said he was drinking more recently, the human spirit is not settled by the Dongguan Changan hospital,chaussure louboutin homme, liver abnormalities, recommended to him back home five Chinese examination and treatment. May 29 morning, and his brother had been Yunhui cloud gold Zhaizhen traveling together back in the water. 30 morning, he suddenly wandering Winfair out, with the villagers who came near the military family.It was the military said,barbour pas cher, about 2:00 o’clock sleep hear dogs barking,louboutin shoes, they hold a flashlight in the vicinity of their own look, dark, saw a figure walking up and down repeatedly. So, once Guojun to 110 police. Five Chinese Public Security Bureau police station dam Alarm Zhongmou quickly dispatched police officers on duty, Peng Moumou, Moumou came to the scene and found lying in the grass had been struggling Yunhui, regardless of their origin prevarication,hogan outlet online, made against the police . Police later with another auxiliary police brought a rope from the police, fearing that he resist, gave Yunhui had handcuffed, and then to send a police car. For those who have the military’s statement, the dam Zhongmou police station, who admitted in an interview with reporters this is the fact that through.After the police had pulled Yunhui, dams along the way in the car and asked if the police.

Zengmou up Zengmou want them to think of the families of the deceased, “convey” comments on the matter, “is through legal channels or negotiation to solve it? “But the police inspector Jianwen Li tells reporters that he was out of concern and care for the dead angle of view, if your village cadres sent a message that he did not make a positive response.Had Yunhui May 30 after being brought to police the morning to 31 were found dead, it is an indisputable fact. Families feel that people really are Zhongmou police station, who sent police found the bodies also happens Zhongmou police arrested him and others, this thing is very strange. Before and after more than ten hours, what happened in the end is not like the police put it? They are also skeptical.In an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter to interview, the police on duty Zhongmou, who insisted that the deceased had Yunhui early after being arrested soon let go, they do not know why it died, but he certainly is found together with other police.It is understood that once Yunhui birth to three girls and one boy,hogan outlet online, divorced early, including two daughters with intellectual disabilities, a 74-year-old mother by his support after the incident, the relevant departments to the families of the deceased had Yunhui sent condolences to Kim.

according to police, said: His answer to my question. A few minutes later, the car came to the front of the police station. According to police Zhongmou said, because the suspect had mental problems Yunhui, several police turn him to a nearby psychiatric hospital “emergency” because the night can not contact a doctor, the police had put Yunhui by his guidance the village back to the dam , down from his police car.Police find found to have drownedMay 30 at 16:00 am, had Yunhui’s younger brother had a cloud of gold found his brother was not at home, then went to the dam police station, the police do a simple inquiry,manteau pjs, the evening 23:12 to have a cloud of gold out of the “alarm receipt.”According to the police said,cheap christian louboutin shoes, when they learned that, after the alarm, the police according to the characteristics of family members that early morning on May 30,hogan scarpe, “was arrested and was put” Yunhui have had the same characteristics, it issued a “Xiechatongbao.” May 31 to 8:00 pm, a large police station Zhongmou Nanba et al found that the water in the ditch at the higher grade of a large section of the Village with drowning man whose body was brought in a forensic report to their superiors,louboutins, were videotaped in Without confirmation families, the body of a man sent to the funeral home county. 12:00 more, there is the police station had been telegraphed cloud than gold,hollister carugate, “the funeral home has a body,barbour soldes, to see if your brother.” Hearing the news, had a cloud of gold, who arrived at the funeral home they had been identified Yunhui is indeed missing.According to the big brother of the deceased, said Li Jianping, after they came to the police station with the police,scarpe hogan uomo, at the scene, director of the family said, “This matter is best not to make a big, everyone inside the handle.”Cause and effect remains to be investigatedReporters learned that, after what happened,doudoune parajumpers femme, police station,louboutin paris, the police also have to find the relevant cadres Zengmou Ann Cheng Village.

but Liu Moujiang about to drag her into the house, they hug and hold, chaotic pro fumble. Xiaoya sobbing and screaming, struggling to break free of the control of Ryu, hurried to find her mother. Xiaoya mother after hearing the report.After Fangshan Procuratorate for examination,woolrich outlet, Liu Xiaoya violence forced indecency,hogan milano, has been arrested for child molestation has been prosecuted in recent days, the court sentenced Liu to one year imprisonment for six months.(Original title: 13-year-old godfather drink obscene After police arrested the first place, the man was located has mysterious deathIncident, five Chinese, the local public security authorities are responsible person said,barbour paris, will take the initiative to ask prosecutors involved in the investigationYangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Ulsan, correspondent Tang Jia reports: 47-year-old, who Yunhui working in Dongguan, Dongguan May 28 ready to go home from the doctor, was brought to the police the night wandering, but the next day he was found to have died. June 2,zanotti femme, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter received a tip lines later, the matter was investigated. For this event, five Chinese county government yesterday formed a joint investigation by the public security department and discipline inspection departments.