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” First he joked in an interview, “I’m sorry that did not revolutionary Mao, anachronistic,tn,” and then added that the revolution quite funny, at least at the time feeling so tired, although the time is not clear that “Cultural Revolution” is wrong, but ” From the nature of feeling that well, so it will not pursue, do not follow. ” “Cultural Revolution” in his experience, did not like many of his contemporaries described as cruel, “If I write the ‘Cultural Revolution’, will be from the perspective of Happy School to write.”When the educated youth to the countryside, in the countryside of Jilin Dun his knowledge of youth into reading and not reading faction faction,nike tn, he was sent to study, before the countryside in the school library to steal a lot of books. “Our people are annoying, because we read of no work.” Production team to earn a living one day dry day work points, set in the morning when they often do not make excuses,air max pas cher chine, “on the one hand because I wanted to study, on the one hand there is the lazy . “He felt that working hard all these years never before, “the countryside when I do not work so hard, not hard.” Then two years in Jilin Yanbian when soldiers, “belongs to the border troops, not very strict discipline,tn, and belongs Logistics,tom ford shoes, do not do exercise,tn soldes, but also a slovenly place. “GoingChangsheng Li father of a young man in the Northeast or the puppet Manchukuo. Japan is the starting point of his contact with his father’s childhood look Japanese architect building materials, he was interested to see his father, he taught some Japanese, then learned to “syllabary” and “eat”, “book” and the like simple vocabulary.Really in-depth learning Japanese is demobilized, returned home that year, China began to rise environmental heat, he went to the Institute of Environmental Protection. More than two years time, he put Japanese literature and environmental protection together, translated Mian water “sea fangs” and Kyotaro Nishimura’s “pollution of the sea.” “At that time the Japanese bad.

translated into the Chinese foreign magazines. Magazine when he was still a little inconsistent with the initial contact, because of political education from childhood is “capitalism is bad, Japan is capitalism.” But gradually find interesting, then his biggest stimulus is yellow novels and picture. For example,red bottom flats, the introduction of yellow novelist pictures, nude breasts with one hand and his hand and write. For these things, he was described as “not a ‘closed eyes it’, but stared.”In the late 1980s,nike tn 2014, more and more domestic magazine, “Japanese Literature” traditional style in literature commercialization tide began to slump. Because refused to publish a backdoor draft, his conflict with the editor, also coincides with the tide to go abroad, I take advantage went to Japan.He easily adapted to the Japanese culture. Sashimi, but also eat fish when he was a soldier in Yanbian. Tatami sleep, and found that he was a boy sleeping at home is Japanese tatami left. The only downside is that “Meijin Er sake.”In the early 1990s.

“Reading” magazine would like to introduce overseas, editor Changsheng Li Shen Chang Wen invited to write Japanese, open column “EGL solitary.” Then there the magazine “New York Air Motion”, Yue Tian Wu’s “overlooking Paris”, Zhao Yifan “Harvard study notes.”Compared to listen to other people talk, he believed that by reading to learn Japanese. “For example,louboutin homme pas cher, in Japan,tn soldes, people let me talk about opera,christian louboutin, I basically have not seen, only with monasteries about it. Also, you ask them geisha in Japan, say it is hearsay,nike tn officiel, and most people had never recruit prostitutes , drinks it takes a few months. “While reading a great amount, but he never books, he felt completely Collection” for the things of the storm. ” Once dinner, Shi Hang fancy his hand books donated by Takeshi Kitano, he immediately transferred.When writing to find information,barbour paris, usually referring to a few of his books,barbour paris, “can frankly say that, although there are major flaw, however, have not cut corners of each,tn, can never say what time is limited. There may not be penetrating view.

holding a translation dictionary, fortunately Kyotaro Nishimura’s text is very simple.”Subsequently, he was a fancy press, went to the “Japanese Literature”, work a few years later became deputy editor. “Japanese Literature” China was the only periodical devoted to Japanese literature. After the restoration of diplomatic relations in 1972, Japan began to focus on research and introduction of Japanese literature are particularly attached to it,louboutin paris, are they rare arena,air max pas cher pour femme, the magazine content is very prosperous. While the domestic shortage book just out, no need to consider selling the magazine, you can basically printed money.During this period, he began to really contact Japanese literature.