chaussure tn pas cher mother passes Yuxiang moat outside the dike

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and his family will be treated as child support is a son 26 years. Stroke six years ago,giubbotto peuterey, her husband died, Song Jirong only one person to take care of his son.Relatives and let the baby with cerebral palsy do not want to send the couple orphanageOctober 10,cheap toms sale, 1987, mother passes Yuxiang moat outside the dike, to see a black safflower burden, came closer, the burden of being filled with a crying baby penguin, with her baby Come back home.Song Jirong couple had no children, they are particularly pleased to see the baby, especially her husband Wei construction, will this child as the apple, named Wei Chao. “When he got home, eat, sleep particularly clever. But six months later, we found that he would not sit.

all his father teach well. “Greatest wish is to have a low-cost housingThe main concern now is Songji Rong Wei Chao’s body, has been retired Song Jirong not wealthy. Wei Chao often sick, a serious illness four years ago,chaussure louboutin homme, the family spent most of their savings, Song Jirong 58-year-old, the body is not good. Ms Ho said the neighbor,magasin hollister, Song aunt’s heart is particularly good, this thing on most people who already can not afford a.”Raising Wei Chao,hollister italia, his father and I have no regrets. This house is also looking to our community.

Wei Chao can not walk, easy on the first floor, I take care of him.” said, “I have a wish, the first two years I applied for low-cost housing community but I missed it,louboutin paris, I’d like to re-apply once Wei Chao,louboutin, the best is on the first floor. “Life is very distress Song Jirong, always smiling,giubbotti peuterey, even when it comes to Wei Chao did not sleep for five days recently, she let her annoying downtown every day, but to see his son’s eyes still full of love.

is Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics senior read here work-study program.She knows there are friends filmed a video of her work when she did not feel that this is a big deal.Those pictures really very appealing: a skinny girl carrying several huge parcels, the shuttle in the crowd, sometimes climb the ladder, sometimes in front of Chin busy …Everyone can understand the implicit share of bitterness: she was a child, she had class, she should have sat vision for the future, at a higher skies.Generations of Chinese people, the education as the only way to change the fate of their food and clothing,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, including dirt and shame,air max one pas cher, even the dignity of pay, as long as the kids from the classroom a better future stroke. However, all of this, today is already a distant dream.Huang Wenjing handsome,piumini peuterey, clever, have a unique temperament Guangdong girl. In a move has become a scarce commodity in the era of her images, people can not think of life of those who impose extraordinary heavy. We have so convinced of, there is always a sun will shine themselves forward, however, when this piece of sunlight faded, what should we go from here? � User Reviewsfly4526: My sister has her half sensible enough.Burning Soul: Laona generally do not comment, the girl touched me.min134500: most glorious work.Moore suzerain: self-reliant workers is the most beautiful.zhangsanshou2058: simple ah, now college students into prostitution, while the third, and she does,nike tn, but so strong, I admire,lc76315385: No matter who she is, how kind of background, are the symbol fills, we just sigh at the bottom of such a person may be a virtual background doing such a labor of sweat, is not it? They still moved.Sheng pass it: this world there is nothing more terrible than cold, so many people around, but just nothing.”I love them!” Wei Chao struggling to say the words, sitting next to Song Jirong mother smiled at his son. To see the mother and son, they lived in the lodge road east of Xi’an years of a community, Song Jirong hand hanging bottle. Wei Chao is Songji Rong’s mother to retrieve.

and often cold. Go to the hospital,hollister, the doctor said that the child is a child with cerebral palsy.” said.Wei Chao know after illness, Song Jirong couple’s relatives to turn to them to do the work, so that they will Wei Chao into care. The couple can see this poor child, once a soft heart.26 years mother son almost never left sightHard to take care of children with cerebral palsy than expected, live can not take care of themselves can not walk, there must be someone to care. “We take care of the unit, I was transferred to the nursery unit will facilitate me to take care of.” said. 26 years ago, did not leave sight book. Separate the longest time in the Wei Chao four years old, her husband was too tired to see Songji Rong, Wei Chao will be back home.”Wei Chao sent away I cried every day, do not trust him, fearing that he trouble to others he is also afraid that others will take care of bad.” Song Jirong said. A week later her husband will pick back Wei Chao, since they had a three never separate until her husband’s death. Heard his father’s name, Wei Chao hand gestures in the air up. He said slowly, “March 21, 2008, I think he.” This day is the anniversary of the death of his father. Wei Chao will now write chess, is a little bit of my father taught. “He loved his father in particular, what are leaning on him. One time I accidentally fell to Wei Chao, his father angrily to me a lot of fire.” Song Jirong said, “Wei Super Special polite sensible, will give us meat home folder.