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according to face judgment, masked thief for women,chaussure tn pas cher, it is Dandan.As the investigation in depth, March 11, the company where they arrested him Dandan. Dandan survey confessed that she and the liquor company’s employees is a good friend, very familiar with the company. She knew all the company’s offices are at the reception room key. And she stole from a friend in private with the company’s door key,hollister, on the evening of March 3, came to the company.”8:00 went to her door, the front desk to see someone, you have not been to start with.” said Dandan has been waiting for an opportunity in the vicinity, many times during the main door peep until 22:00 before, and found the man After all work, she This “hands-on”, the whole process takes about half an hour of committing the crime. Succeed.

she hit the car and left, but later found himself will fall on the company’s iPad,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, fear of information leakage, she once again turn back to get something, and then again a taxi to leave and return home Xipu. I did not expect is that the moment the taxi, she revealed the face.About the reasons for 4 owed more than 10 million credit cardsPolice learned that the 25-year-old graduate of the University of Dandan 2011, now in a software company engaged in administrative work. Why embark on the road of masked Nvzei? Dandan said about the police, after college she has been using a credit card, buy consumer goods, the number of credit cards has more and more. Later unknowingly owe the bank more than 10 million, repayment of the information received from the bank every month, have made her anxious,doudoune parajumpers, in order to pay back the money,christian louboutin outlet, only to go down this dangerous road.Police said the incident Dandan’s family arrived from Chengdu, Leshan,tn requin, for she has a four credit cards owed about 11 million.

handsome face,christian louboutin shoes, in Chengdu has a stable job, who can not be linked with the masked thief! But yesterday, Chengdu Jinjiang District Public Security Bureau informed the evening of March 3 of this year occurred in Jinjiang Oriental Plaza burglaries together, Dandan involved,christian louboutin cheap, the whole process of committing the crime,parajumpers homme, she covered the face with a high-necked sweater.Why female white-collar workers took to the road masked Nvzei? All this stems from her actually maxed out …Mysterious Thieves Turtleneck wrapped face succeeded after exhumation”The company was stolen at night,christian louboutin pas cher, lost Apple electronic products, watches,outlet peuterey, in the safe of about 3 million in cash.” SJF police station to police investigators said they received this theft alarm company in March 4. Query Monitor, the police’s attention its eye on a man wearing a blue jacket.”This man wearing a down jacket, and wearing a hooded jacket, wore a beige turtleneck collar wrapped face.” says thieves face was half covered,doudoune pjs, plus wearing a hat,boutique louboutin, complete see the face. The thieves had entered the company twice, the first time that night 10:23 Xu, about half an hour after leaving. At 0:00 on the 4th about thieves who return to the company, but soon left. In addition,nike store, analysts from the figure, the perpetrators might be woman.After the thieves succeeded for the first time,doudoune parajumpers, why return again, masked thief is male or female? A series of questions,parajumpers france, and no one can tell.Unraveling Female white-collar friends stole the key to the company to start withJust when everyone was helpless on the occasion,barbour france, an anonymous message to the detection of cases brought a turning point, the information officer, said the crime was a theft of company employees friends. According to the site after the thieves leave the monitor view, this person on a taxi.”Just a few seconds in her short time on a taxi,red bottom shoes for women, she exposed the true capacity.” said.