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was sentenced to three years six months Yuelu district court. October 2013, Wu came Yuhu District Xiangtan City,pandora pas cher, could not find work, then produce a dry line of work ideas. In late November 2013 to late December, together with Wu Zhou (at large) in Yuhu District Xiangtan City, Yuetang cafe modus six times, using a screwdriver to pry open carry mainframe computer shell, a total of Theft of computer memory 11, CPU11 blocks. Xiangtan City by price certification center identification, stolen memory, CPU worth a total of 4668 yuan.Yuhu District Court held that the defendant Wu illegal possession for the purpose of stealing other people’s property several times, together with others, a larger amount,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, his behavior constituted theft. Department of the crime in this case, in the crime,nike air max 1, the defendant Wu plays a major role, a culprit. Wu defendant in the sentence is finished within five years, shall be sentenced to commit the crime of imprisonment or more severe punishment, a recidivist, according to the law severely punished. Accordingly, the court made the verdict.(Original title: Crazy man into the cafe jailed for 10 months burglary penalty 9 Accounted for only a strong Southern Reporter photoSouthern News July 20 morning, 33-year-old died in Hunan Province Xinhua County People’s Hospital.According to family members,tn, the previous two days of July 18, Cao was arrested on suspicion of theft at a local police station, the afternoon was sent to detention, he incurs to the hospital one hour after the rescue.Remains outside “scars” Let family suspected that the deceased who have been beaten; family members of the deceased in the same room with audio and video recording of witnesses, but also show the deceased had been beaten at the police station readme. The families get the official statement is that Cao Youping died in an accident due to epileptic seizures fall.According to reports.

and launched a personal investigation into the incident.

local deaths in this investigation team has been set up and a preliminary conclusion, but the responsible person declined to be interviewed for the Southern Reporter. Yesterday forensic autopsy has been performed on the deceased, “the conclusion to be about a month or so.”Monitor indoor vomiting fellDeceased brother Cao Guoping introduced his third brother,air jordan spizike pas cher, who lives in the town of Zhe ancient homeland Xinhua County District Hung Sheng village five groups, unmarried single.Things that cause is July 16 at a clinic near the train station,escarpins louboutin, Xinhua County, Cao Youping allegedly pocketing the bag lady. At 10:30 on the 18th or so, Cao once again came close to being recognized clinic and the police,barbour international, then taken to the police station on May jurisdictions.18:00 the same day more Caoyou Ping was sent to Xinhua County detention center. About 7 hours before,tn pas cher, according to Cao Guoping understand, my brother was kept in the police station waiting room,hollister abercrombie, in the police interrogation transcripts produced, the owner said the stolen bag with 1,tn air max 2014 pas cher,200 yuan,nike tn, while only admitted stealing 400 yuan.Delivery process of the grab, Cao Guoping said County Prosecutor’s Office personnel from his statements afterwards. After the death of his brother, as his doctor in America back from abroad.

I do not know why there is no marriage.”Small stone’s mother, said the small stone “aunt” got home in ten days to live, did not find her annoying child, “usually with two daughters she will go out and buy food, sometimes accompanied small stones to play, I do not know how so cruel, even for the children in this murderous. ” � donation channelBeneficiary: China Children Charity Aid FoundationBank: Bank of China Beijing Branch West Hill Road BranchAccount number: 320756027856Always Note: 9958- Di Bingjiang special(Original title: “aunt” 3-year-old boy genital cutting)EdRed Net Xiangtan October 13 (correspondent pastoral) use their knowledge of computer structure, together with others, a month inherent Xiangtan City, the major Internet Yuhu District 6 crazy crime, specifically theft within the host computer memory and the CPU. October 11, Xiangtan City Yuhu District Court sentenced the defendant Wu theft 10 months in prison and fined 9,toms outlet,000 yuan.March 2010, Jiangling County of Hubei Wu found guilty of theft.

Until November 9, family members think of the police,christian louboutin, “aunt” is currently second in Luohe City Detention Center, the police are doing their psychiatric evaluation. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the local police,peuterey prezzi, but the town police station phone still no answer.Song Shuji local village, said he has heard on the matter, the police did have a small stone “aunt” away, but the details he did not know. Song Shuji introduced a small stone house and two sisters,barbour, he was an only child, usually at home is also very sensible.The child’s father to go out to do when slack cement alive, mother at home taking care of children,air max pas cher femme, when a small stone right at home playing on a person. Due to the small stone grandmother died early, difficult home life, the child’s uncle thirties yet married, a couple of months ago introduced by others, only to find the current object. “Long,chaussure louboutin, quite beautiful, it seems the brain is also normal.