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Child road home was “complicated””Children are not to go home in the past and now this road recently Island Bridge near East Gas Pipeline was for a road reconstruction.” Uncle Wu Huan Qiu said.Yesterday afternoon,chaussure tn pas cher, reporters try to go home again Wu Huan Lu. From City Experimental Primary School, south along the east bank of the River land line nearly 600 meters to reach the East Island Bridge. The north side of the bridge due to the ongoing transformation of the gas pipeline,piumino moncler, only around to the south side of the bridge from underneath the bridge, by more than 200 meters of the bridge after the emergence of a “T” shaped intersection, traffic is heavy, no traffic lights and no sidewalks.Reporters speculated that the kids may think along the tributaries of the river bank close to the land and river trail and walked safer,barbour france, actually did not expect trouble.Schools,parajumpers paris, President Chen Chibi Experimental Primary School,hollister pas cher, said the school has always attached great importance to security issues and organized teacher escort children home two routes, one to the old court, one to the North,christian louboutin soldes, but the direction you want to go home Huan Wu not in this column.Yesterday morning, the units with Wu and Wang Huan new parents of communication, to discuss the aftermath of the child.Red Horse Harbor Song instructor at the police station rushed to the scene after the incident,hogan, witnessed the children were fishing on shore and rescue the whole process,hollister roma est, “the child ashore,barbour pas cher, we specifically looked at his physical condition, no special wound Wu Huan who might be accidentally fell into the water while playing himself. Wang New children are very brave.

accepting bribes 70,000 yuan; Futian District, served as party secretary of the Board of Health during helping others incorporated by staff interview exam grades,abercrombie soldes, Futian District, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, as well as helping others to exchange department.

eager to save lives,hogan outlet, but to save the child the child,peuterey outlet, which is very dangerous, and if he can along the shore to adults for help and that he is not in danger, but also can shorten the rescue time. “Red Horse Harbor police are now retrieved from the school to the site of the incident all the surveillance video, to investigate specific after the accident.Photo / trainee reporter Zhu Lei(Original title: sixth grade students to save the victims of tXinhua Shenzhen,hogan scarpe, October 15 (Reporter Lu Feng) reporter on the 15th from Shenzhen Yantian District People’s Court heard that the hospital recently, Futian District Publicity Department of the CPC, former vice minister Liu Ping force bribery case first instance verdict,mulberry handbags, sentenced for taking bribes Liu Ping force the defendant to 5 years imprisonment and confiscation of personal property of 110,red bottom shoes for women,000 yuan. After the verdict,red bottom shoes for women, the defendant in court, said Liu Ping force no comment on the ruling.Yantian Court found that the defendant Liu Ping force has served as deputy party secretary,parajumpers paris, Futian District,escarpins louboutin, Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau, the party secretary of the Board of Health District, the District Propaganda Department of the period, for others to seek illegitimate interests, and repeatedly accepting bribes totaling 520,000 yuan.Which by the end of 2007, when Ren Futian District Urban Management Bureau of the accused party secretary Liu Ping force to help others incorporate post Futian District Urban Management Bureau examination by staff interviews.