chaussure zanotti 000 donation to buy a knife”The trust between strangers

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Li Jing quickly saw friends,chaussure zanotti, “his sword fast Huangpu River” was released at 22:09 on April 15 Sina Weibo: “money to survive: Sajia April 14 44th birthday,tiffany milano, now ask for a birthday gift to all brothers and sisters . Cash only, ten thousand small, one dollar less. All the money transferred directly from you Shangqiu Jing family rescue their father cancer! … “”Since then, my phone has been ringing, a lot of people call, send text messages asking my situation,barbour jackets, said he wanted me to play money.” Jing said.After half an hour, “his sword fast Huangpu River” again issued microblogging: “sell knives help: 1 yuan starting, not capped,scarpe hogan outlet, at 4:14 on April 17 to end all money donated to families in Henan Jing! directly into the possession of the other account his sword fast top engraved sword! – great read saber emperor … “After 4 minutes,hollister abercrombie, users “Bamboo carrot” began Quote “100 yuan,” to participate in bidding. Although nearly morning,hogan, netizens still fighting diminished, to the morning of April 16, purchased the knife has soared to 38,000 yuan price. To 16 at night, the only friends “Peas home old iron” and “Ding Xia off” turns asking price, the price tag is also applied to 58,pjs homme,888 yuan, up at 3:13 on April 17, “Peas home old iron” final word: 6 million.Although he did not take his sword, “Ding Xia off” is still quite demeanor,barbour, said: “It does not matter knife did not shoot, and three thousand gold brought righteousness.” There are a lot of friends also comments that the knife can not afford to buy their own.

but Jing donate whatever money or land to be done.By convention,parajumpers pas cher, buy knives should be directed to remit money 60,000 yuan bank account on Li Jing,parajumpers femme, Li Jing, after confirmation shown with the receipt,woolrich prezzi, and then by the Huangpu River to the “old iron Peas home” delivery.At 10:30 on the 17th, Li Jing received a $ 60,000 donation to buy a knife.”The trust between strangers,woolrich donna, so I pretty impressed”18 pm,boutique louboutin paris, “selling knives to save” netizens “his sword fast Huangpu River,” China Youth Daily reporter received a telephone interview. The friends said that in fact the name is the Huangpu River, now lives in Guangzhou, is a sword collector,parajumpers france, had a “Chinese sword,parajumpers,” a book.”This is not an accidental event,” Huangfu Jiang said he usually also regularly participate in various charitable activities, also regularly help the needy people. April 14 this year happened to be his 44th birthday, “What do I have such a great age of the person.

or gang-point birthday cake can not sing, I wanted to be able to help one or two people to take advantage of a birthday.”Have this idea when Huangpu Jiang Jing’s help just to see the microblogging. “Objectively speaking, Li Jing suffered even worse than a lot of people, but it was some media friends Henan sent private letters to me, can basically confirmed the authenticity of this thing, too afraid to find another birthday this time a. “Nevertheless, Huangpu River also specifically asked people from Beijing to verify the authenticity of Shangqiu events. “Appeal to everyone, I have to be responsible for the facts. Investigators 16 pm to Shangqiu,scarpe hogan, met with Li Jing and her classmates,basket louboutin, teachers, but also the surrounding were visited, can prove true,parajumpers femme, and I promptly posted to Microblogging on. “”Can not let you donate, I also said that nothing of it, so I took the knife out of the auction. And sell knives to save for me is not the first time.