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such as bound phone, install a digital certificate; in use credit card, pay more attention to the environment around, do not disclose personal circumstances to strangers, do not disclose credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information is valid.Banks should strengthen personal information auditBeijing Times: What measures should be taken to the banks to guard against?Zhang Jiaxiang: Bank credit card application process should be standardized.

ask for replacement bound phone,cheap christian louboutin shoes, the bank will verify the victim information, and this information has been mastered suspects; after the completion of verification,hollister online, the bank change messages will be sent to the victim. At this time,hogan outlet online, the suspect again contacted the victim, said reply message to upgrade credits. At this point, the victim’s credit card number to reserve has been modified, consumer verification code will be sent to the suspects to modify the phone, the suspect will be able to indulge in online consumer.Internet police removed the capital Hangzhou,hollister milano, Nanjing, Shanghai, Xiamen and more successfully arrested Wang and other four suspects, the scene seized computers, cell phones, bank cards and other large tools of crime.It is reported that four suspects in the average age of less than 25 years old,giuseppe zanotti, a clear division of labor,hollister abercrombie, careful way. Wang and Wu responsible for the production of phishing sites,christian louboutin paris, in addition to two female suspects are responsible for making a phone call between the victim and the bank deal. Currently.

will be in the operating room the next day to go through the phone cards. Just go through successfully, Hemou received a bank sent a text message to remind the content of her credit card to withdraw cash 4000 yuan in the 24th, the 25th twice.He Mouli opens wallet, credit cards and found the wallet is not their original card, Hemou immediately report the loss of the credit card and the police.Police get clues through the retrieval of surveillance video, on May 20 will be arrested Song. Currently, Song suspicion of theft has been Dongcheng Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.3. false identity Do a fake ID card stolen money transfer scams24 years old and 18-year-old Wang Mou, both from Anhui. They have no fixed working for money many times using a telecommunications fraud gangs (which has been handled separately) to provide identity cards, bank cards to the bank. Each handle a bank card,chaussures louboutin pas cher, you can get 60 yuan to 200 yuan reward.On the evening of June 22 this year,christian louboutin, gang members told Wang, Wang has been handled by the handling of a bank card had been reporting the loss, but this bank card is used to transfer the proceeds of the gang,louboutin paris, the card still has the balance of 25 million yuan. Because Wang and bank card “holders” Zengmou looks like,woolrich outlet online, they instigated Wang gang posing Zengmou solution linked to a bank card cash withdrawal. It is understood by the gang identity Zengmou come to buy online. June 23 morning, Wang Mou two escaped with identity verification banks, the solution linked to a bank card and withdraw 190,000 yuan. That night, the gang members and sent Wang Mou 1000 yuan per person commission.June 24 morning, the gang has been found hanging bank card solution has been to report the loss, then called Wang,cheap red bottoms, Wang Mou old tricks to the bank. Unexpectedly.

the four suspects were arrested for credit card fraud Beijing police have been under criminal detention.2. steal machine card SIM card to steal credit card man steal 4000 yuanSong 19-year-old insurance company employee in Beijing. April 24, Song colleagues Hemou errands forgotten phone and wallet on the desk. Song seeing on the use of invalid SIM card and picked up a credit card, swap the SIM card Hemou and wallet card.After work, Song Hemou phone number dialed by Huaxia Bank’s customer service telephone and mobile phone credit card verification code successfully changed the password. Subsequently, Song remove 900 yuan in cash in the ATM machine on the side of the road. The next day, again wearing masks removed Song 3100 yuan in the ATM machine, and phone cards and credit cards thrown in toilets.Hemou credit card stolen that night and found that the phone can not properly receive text messages and receive calls.

the bank staff have already seen through the prevention of fraud, immediately to the police. They were rushed to the police was arrested. Currently,giubbotto woolrich, the two have been Dongcheng Procuratorate approved the arrest. � prosecution proposal Forums and online banking account passwords single setBeijing Times: fraud and bank card related, it is only recently a high-fat?Dongcheng Procuratorate Zhang Jiaxiang: Not only recently high, as the network becomes more developed, bank cards more common in recent years, credit card fraud has been fairly common phenomenon.Beijing Times: For scams ever-changing, citizens how to prevent?Zhang Jiaxiang: First, bank cards, cell phones, and other items of identification must carry and separate storage, such losses can be avoided even if stolen. Secondly, the public in the Internet must pay attention to install antivirus software and anti-spyware software and regularly update antivirus software; online process,parajumpers pas cher, in case of a suspicious e-mail,louboutin pas cher, do not point to open the link, Do not give out personal information on the Internet, in order to Anti-criminals to obtain and use. In addition, the public in the use of chat tools,modelli hollister, forums, online shopping, online banking when,zanotti, do not use the same user name and password, to prevent criminals to break one of them, follow it to try out the credit card passwords.Also, pay attention to the protection of personal information on the details of life. For example, do not discard documented credit card information, check requisitions records have your credit card number, first crushed and then discarded. Do not go the easy way credit card agency agencies; upon various membership card or in the street survey, we must be careful to fill; ID card when submitting financial institutions to any institution, preferably in the above be endorsed, to prevent being used for other purposes; training regularly check your bank card bills, balance habit; if handled online banking services, be sure to set up a few heavy security measures.