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as to what is turning a blind eye,chaussure zanotti, even when the Chinese New Year this year, Li Fen refused to go home for the holiday.Earlier this year, the hospital linked to the water Fen, Zhang Xiong went to visit, she actually caught hold together with Zhao Gang. Zhang Xiong completely dead heart, wanted to divorce his wife to talk about things, but the two sides after an argument, Fen away from home, never heard from again. Zhang Xiong was later discovered that his wife and Zhao Gang renting an apartment in together. March 14 this year, Zhang Xiong received a phone call saying his son to be home for dinner, he thought his son especially liked a chicken restaurant, he put the car parked on the roadside, ready to buy. But in this restaurant, he actually has caught Fen Zhao Gang told at dinner, surrounded by a group of men and women, laughing very happy.Blocked with a knife to kill his wife homeExpect his son to come back home, but no one to cook,basket louboutin, Zhang Xiong wife wanted to shout home,hollister italia, but think of the last thing beaten, he got out of the car with a knife for self-defense,hollister roma est, hides in the body into the restaurant, La Fen on going home. Fen not prepared, then it somewhat fameng, Zhang Xiong had followed out of the restaurant. Zhao Gang Fen let go all the way to catch up on the chest Zhang Xiong also punch.Home with his wife who was also hit,chaussures louboutin pas cher, Zhang Xiong suddenly surge up blood. He immediately pulled out a knife to let the Gang roll away point, while Zhao Gang Seeing provocative but said,modelli hollister, “you have the ability to poke me, ah, people can not take away.” And punched and beat Zhang Xiong,hogan milano, Zhang Xiong this under completely enraged and he raised his knife to stab past Meng Gang chest. Gang stabbed in the back,barbour jackets, one can begin to speak, but getting on the soft ground did not move.Prosecutors believe the victim is recommended to reduce the punishment is wrongSeeing this, Zhang Xiong scared. Fen Zhao Gang rushed to shake, but Zhao Gang did not respond. Zhang Xiong quickly dialed 120 and 110 calls.

“Central Daily” reported on 23, 2011 Audit and Inspection of Korea after the Korean Ministry of National Defense, the Armed Forces headquarters and defense technologies, such as the quality of the hospital seven agencies in the investigation found that the presence of Korea munitions range of issues, including combat boots flooding ,tiffany milano, berets easy to fluff and easy to break, these shoddy become troubled Han Jun Quartermaster Equipment problems.Reported that the South Korean Army in June 2010 decided to fight baseball cap shape beret cap replaced, and then in July 2011 production tasks to two Korean suppliers. But one of the company said lack of production equipment,barbour, just give delivery; another company produced only officers beret with 5992 for qualified products, the top ten thousand soldiers with 10.2295 is substandard products. Korea Lu Junqiang line orders, requirements “must take resolute measures to ensure the supply of berets completed ahead.” This so-called “resolute measures” is to reduce the beret quality standards, this should be scrapped, there are serious flaws in substandard quality beret transformed into a qualified product, but the company did not breach punished.Audit and Inspection of Korea said that if you can not solve the structural problems of military supplies, a similar situation will be repeated. 2011 South Korean Armed Forces responsible for the procurement of clothing claims 38 people, only one person in charge of the business more than 10 years, a serious shortage of professionals in power. OMV hospital on July 2010 to October 2011 made 56 purchases claims investigation found that most of them are repeat copying files over,doudoune parajumpers, and even lead to still used previously repealed specifications.Audit and Inspection also revealed exclusively supplied by the supplier of military supplies is a serious problem. Audit and Inspection.

and then throws off his taxi, the Gang to the hospital, but Zhao Gang eventually died because of his injuries. Autopsy reports showed that the heart was pierced Zhao Gang, died bleeding. Zhang Xiong surrendered after a call in the hospital was taken away by police.Yesterday’s court session, the prosecutor read out the scene for a while Zhang Xiong said his son when the police are taking note of the passage. “I feel sorry for my father. He had committed such a big mistake, irreparable, but my mom and Zhao Gang also have a great responsibility.” Zhang Xiong’s son confirmed that the mother greatly affect and destroy abnormal dealings with Zhao Gang of the their family relationships, leading to his father under the impulse to make such a mistake move. Prosecutors believe that, given the existence of fault victim, recommended that the Court would minimize punishment for Zhang Xiong.(Paper party is a pseudonym)Yangzi Evening News reporter Luo ShAccording to South Korea.

said: “The Army is loaded,chaussure louboutin homme, uniforms and other 13 kinds of clothing from a supplier exclusively; sportswear, underwear,blouson pjs, socks,parajumpers pas cher, and other cold by a supplier of goods accounted for 90% of the supply.” � (CYangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Qingong Xuan Cao Luger) 5:00 more than the day before yesterday evening, who lives near the bridge in Nanjing and Wang, and several neighbors in the area and bridge fishing. At this time, a 50-year-old woman. Trance came in and jumped into the river bridge the bridge and into the depths of the river walk. Mr. Wang, a few people busy stretch rod to block the woman’s path. Meanwhile,scarpe hogan outlet, a man jumped into the water would be water, struggling to pull the woman to shore.

Later, the next three or four men still out on him and his son kicked meal. Fen Seeing afraid of something happening, and quickly persuade, with Zhang Xiong back home.Shopping time and saw the scene is intenseAfter arriving home,outlet hogan, Zhang Xiong had a big fight with Fen, after which the relationship between husband and wife quickly cool down, and Fen still go its own way,tiffany roma, often go out. Zhang Xiong said he also wanted to start to restore the marriage, after all, he got married with his wife for 23 years, has been feeling good, his wife and son are also caring for themselves. However,woolrich donna, since the understanding of the Gang, Li Fen as a changed man.