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affecting a total of about 43 bus route lines. Zhongxiao East Road closures during the peak time, about 50,000 people affected by the passengers and passers-by, the whole day is affecting 220,000 people.(Original title: Taipei thoroughfare during rush hour was occupied by the anti-nuclear people Gridlock WHO issued a warning to be careful in AsiaDengue creepingCurrently,chaussures christian louboutin, the eyes of the world are focusing Ebola epidemic of West African States, but the World Health Organization recently warned that some parts of Asia and Latin America need to guard against dengue fever.Agence France-Presse quoted the 9th member of the WHO South-East Asia office Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed as saying, “From the number and severity of the outbreak, the dengue fever has become a global phenomenon, infections increased in the past 50 years 30 times. “Dengue fever is an acute viral infectious disease spread by mosquitoes, the typical symptoms are fever, headache and joint pain. Divided into common dengue and dengue hemorrhagic dengue, which is a high mortality rate. Dengue is no vaccine and cure to cure. Jamsheed Mohamed warning: “short term this disease can not be destroyed.”Agence France-Presse reported, in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, the public is now the most familiar voices sound drones spraying pesticides. The city and its surrounding area is now the center of dengue epidemic, some hospitals are overcrowded,woolrich uomo, dengue has become a local primary public health problem. In response to the epidemic, the people who frequent exchanges and disease prevention,hogan 2014 uomo, “earthwork” including drink crab soup, coconut and papaya leaf juice.This year,woolrich donna, 10 months ago,collane tiffany, confirmed cases of dengue fever in Malaysia increased to 85,woolrich sito ufficiale,000 cases, three times last year, the death toll has increased to about 150 people.August to September, Japan has experienced since World War II first-round dengue epidemic, about 160 people infected. Given all visited Tokyo Yoyogi Park or the surrounding area before the patient.

this group has been struggling to survive,giubbotti woolrich, while half the world’s child deaths Super African children. Every 11 children is one in less than five years old before death. UNICEF stressed that Africa has 30% of minors living in “fragile and conflict-affected environment.” Fund called on governments to increase investment in the groups of children.BEIJING,tiffany milano, April 30,chaussure louboutin femme, according to Taiwan’s “China Times” reported that about 500 anti-nuclear people at 18:30 on the 29th occupied Zhongxiao East Road Taipei Linsen Nan intersection,bracciale tiffany, then coincided with rush hour,tiffany firenze, plus the bit at the traffic thoroughfare, traffic Suddenly “big knot” blocked so that passengers can get off the bus, the passengers shouted: “! These mob” had drivers honk, but also conflict and mass explosion altercation. After 40 minutes.

take the initiative to disperse the masses and transferred to the “Legislative Yuan” and Taipei Ketagalan Boulevard.Hau installment of “kidnapping people.”Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin severely criticized this is “once again provocation ‘government’ public authority, Taipei citizens kidnapped bad behavior.” He also said that it will seriously consider the same group of people for disorderly conduct, uninterrupted, to take more aggressive as the law.According to reports, 18:30, regardless of the anti-nuclear people from school to work and the influx of people and vehicles, stormed Zhongxiao East Road Taipei Linsen Road intersection sit paralyzed transportation. Almost dodge less fierce horn driver, a driver pulled down the window and people choke each other,zanotti pas cher, “mob Go away!” The masses once approached the car clamor beat. Motorcyclists are also affected by traffic jams array, reluctantly said:. “Most people’s lives so that these few people do no peace.”The number of police rushed to the emergency equipment are not enough to drive away.

but to help guide the first four square traffic traffic control. 19:00, ordered the expulsion of Taipei Hau Lung-bin, 80 riot police rushed to the scene, but 7:10 Hongchong Yan Taiwan University students in the field requires people to evacuate, defensive back Zhongshan Road, “Legislative Yuan” around, fight another day. When police arrived at the intersection, the crowd dispersed, traffic smooth recovery.Sudden road closures affecting 220,000 peopleTaipei Public Transport Department said, because last night, Zhongxiao East Road traffic control, estimate the number of bus routes affected about 21,doudoune moncler homme, such as traffic control plus meter Po Ai district.

the park was forced to close for two months,hogan scarpe, only recently open.Brazil’s Health Ministry said on the 4th of this month, since the summer, the dengue epidemic worrying development in Latin American countries, there are nearly 120 cities might outbreaks. January to October, a total of 556,300 cases of dengue fever cases found,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, of which 379 people died.Dengue epidemic has also led to China, Indonesia,hogan outlet, India and other countries of concern in the health sector.AFP quoted WHO statistics reported this year, the spread of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has resulted in 1.

40% of people will live in the African continent.Reported that Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of Africa’s most populous country and the African continent. From now to 2050, the number of newborns is expected to only one country,nike tn officiel, Nigeria will be able to account for 10 percent of the world total newborns. The report shows that the current population of 1.2 billion in Africa, this figure will double in the middle of this century, and reached 4.2 billion in 2100. Population growth will lead to more serious overpopulation. In addition, in the late 2030s,veste barbour, the majority of Africans will live in cities.Reported that the fate of one of the challenges to be faced is the future of children.