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in the bribery cases, the suspect used his position in the name of the expert fees, etc. to ask for prepaid card business cooperation unit; in corruption cases, the suspect use of Chinese Lunar New Year to buy a prepaid card for business units to facilitate the duties of the buy prepaid cards were part of corruption. Moreover,chaussures louboutin, people do not use their real names prepaid cards, once quite difficult to investigate the incident. Use spaces prepaid debit card spending records also tend to offer a variety of reasons not to.Reporters also found by searching the Internet, there are many prepaid cards offer recycling services advertising.Staff engaged in this business,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, told reporters,hollister homme, “commitment”: “Our regular reflected in the transaction process completely for the sake of customers shopping card sales because many customers do not want to let a third party know, which is why I believe our customers. We will keep the information and did not divulge. “”From the agency prepaid cards to recycling.

to achieve a transformation process,nike tn 2014, the product is actually a corruption of the breed.” Vice president of China University of Political Studies rule government, said Wang Jingbo, some prepaid cards accepted behavior,toms wedges, is actually another corruption a form of expression, but is a recessive form of expression. Because there is a transformation process that is relatively hidden,red bottom shoes, not so stark, it is more likely to be accepted, regardless of income or send people who are relatively well psychologically accept. But because there is such a presence society prepaid recycling industry chain, it is easy to achieve the transformation of money.The introduction of the Regulations, anonymous prepaid cards can report the loss shall be redeemed.

prepaid and other aspects of the implementation of real-name requirement, prepaid cards are used to help prevent money laundering, cash and other activities.” The central bank official explained.”Cattle” agency fee prepaid cardsInterview, the reporter learned that,louboutin homme, at present,red bottom flats, major shopping malls are keen to release all kinds of gift cards.Staff told reporters a mall merchant is keen to send gift cards, gift cards can bring the key is to advance the cash flow, to “merchandise not sold, the money has to come back” effect.Faced with the real name system,red bottom pumps, in addition to the mall to take “Quxianjiuguo” strategy, “cattle” has found a new business.Within a mall,air max 1 pas cher, after listening to a reporter asked whether shopping card requires registration ID card,toms, a middle-aged man told reporters, “If there is trouble to do the card, I can help you.”After talking,tn, the reporter learned that the agency shopping cards One is directly to the hands of the other party close up the old card to buy over a certain fee income, but can not issue invoices,louboutin homme pas cher, there is a direct by the other party to apply for registration,christian louboutin paris, invoicing procedures complete,tn air max 2014 pas cher, but the handling fee will be higher.”We help you run down the card,nike tn pas cher, that will never be found in your head.” Reporter guarantee the right direction.A prosecutor handling the Haidian District People’s Procuratorate think, on the whole,tn, prepaid cards in stimulus spending, economic activity has played a role, but on the attributes and characteristics of the prepaid card, the easy to become rent-seeking Tools and bribery line carrier, resulting in public consumption and income card bribery and other issues outstanding,giubbotto peuterey, seriously disrupting the country’s financial management order. For example.