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and the only difference is that the other side too will speak now.” Voice chat on the beginning very provocative, Kobayashi after feeling rejected, life began to speak truths, and said he now how successful companies are driving a BMW subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz and more.

155.04 yuan deposit three times removed. Two years later, Mr. Sin to the court to require the return of the eldest son of deposits and the interest generated in the middle.And Mr. Sin’s daughter testified that the money has been taken out of his brother returned to his father. The court shall be adopted and think Sin will give her custody of deposit,chaussures louboutin, and by its mandate, along with his brother to the bank to get money, enough to prove that his eldest son mastered CDs and password information; Sin as certificates of deposit and owner password told the eldest son, he was commissioned by the eldest son inferred withdrawals.The Sin think, daughter unauthorized removal of bank passbook and his ID card, is the eldest son of prior collusion; information and passwords for knowing things, he said, the second son is also known and requested the court commuted. Upheld upheld.Recognize who raped her 10 years ago on the micro-channelTieling girl Kobayashi help the newspaper: I wanted to punish him but do not know how they can doOne night 10 years ago,chaussure louboutin, on his way home she was being raped; a chance 10 years later, the man actually had hurt her attention to her micro-channel, add her as a friend, and all sorts of provocative.See those provocative words on the other micro-channel, wretched behavior,louboutin homme pas cher, she knew,nike tn 2014, did not change his nature, change is now glib, and she does not want to see other girls get hurt again while they remain indifferent.She thought of the punishment, but she did not know how to punish him. She struggled in a loss, confusion and pain.He ruined my lifeHappened in the winter night in 2003,bijou pandora, the year, Tieling girl Kobayashi (a pseudonym) 17 years old. Kobayashi trying to remember every detail of the original. “It was dark, and he with me out in a cafe, went to a residential building, he grabbed my hand and let me go home.”Kobayashi did not dare to cry, and thus, a step he dragged walked into a residential building. “I’m scared,peuterey roma, but I dare not cry,air max pas cher femme, I’m afraid shame.

I told him I was a virgin,outlet peuterey, but he does not believe …” Kobayashi said,basket nike tn pas cher, that people are still forced sexual relations with her.Half an hour, Kobayashi did not know how out of that Family, she was crying and ran all the way back home. “I can not tell his family, said the matter out of shame, I only own stand.” Kobayashi chose silence, she did not tell his family, nor the police. “At the time, I really have the heart to kill him.” Kobayashi said that from that time on, she will no longer believe in,louboutin soldes, and she did not feel out of good people are bad. “He ruined my life.”She used cigarette burns armSince then, Kobayashi did not like to see people become when a person at home,christian louboutin soldes, but also always like to use curtains cover the sun. “Since then also, I learned to smoke.” Kobayashi said, when pain was too inhibited, will use cigarette burns his arm,hollister carugate, so far, Kobayashi smoke scars still visible on the arm.”I had two boyfriends coexistence, however, broke up due to various reasons.” Kobayashi said, was at her boyfriend’s idea is very simple, “I have this,abercrombie hollister, and someone asked me on the line,air max femme pas cher, I’ll take him,tn, though without love. “However, Kobayashi still some resistance men, either physical or psychological. “That scene always inadvertently appear, I have no way to control.” Kobayashi somewhat sad. “The recent couple of years, I’ve thought about it a little.

but he suddenly added to my micro-channel.” Kobayashi said.I also recognize him ashesThe evening of August 15 this year, is working at night Kobayashi found himself appeared on a micro-channel users, the other’s language is surprisingly insignificant. “You have a object?” In getting no reply, the other party actually said, “I am a woman to do it.”How this man so to speak? Kobayashi intend When you delete a friend on the other side micro-channel picture caught her attention. “Deja vu, the feeling at the time, click to enlarge,barbour soldes, I was completely shocked.” Kobayashi said countless awakened nightmare, the plot long forgotten, only the face, but stubbornly printed in the heart, deep cold.”Ashes I also know him, but I once again in order to determine whether it was him,air max one pas cher, I endure inner torment,air max femme, and he continued to communicate.” Kobayashi said, the other he kept going to her phone, and said, we get married, etc. provocative language. “Or so odious face.