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Can be folded without water and electricityWe checked, this portable toilet on the market, too. Well, this convenient treasure what advantage?Li Shu Qing introduced to facilitate the development treasure before he investigated a portable toilet at home and abroad, “in the Japanese product that can come up and moving barrels potty and toilet overall cone design,chaussures louboutin, easy to tip over. But it can not be compression or collapse of the housing and the inner barrel (height of about 40cm) limits its scope of application, only in a hospital or home use. “As for the Netherlands that paragraph portable toilet, although the product is considered a separate issue between the tank and the waste tank.

around people simply do not see that you are on the toilet Using finished, put the garbage bag system, trash can near the inside. “Li Shu Qing said, demonstrated to reporters about that.Emergency ToiletIn fact, the cover of the stool to dig a hole in the middle,pandora bijoux, similar to the inside of the toilet souped lid,giubbotti peuterey, you can set garbage bags, into the emergency toilet.(Original title: sunny, raincoat, sitting roadside Do Not Disturb, they may iHuaxi Dushi Bao (Reporter Liu Xiaona) the evening of January 15, Welfare ShuangSeQiu 2,012,007 lottery, one in Deyang Guanghan betting lottery, with a $ 10 5 Note unitary ticket,nike tn officiel, won a 10.69 million yuan prize. Yesterday, this “lucky” to the provincial Welfare Centre Duijiang. He had just pulled permits three months, with his wife’s birthday number and date of preparation feast Lunar buy lottery tickets, I did not expect received 10.69 million yuan of “gift.”Yesterday morning,pandora pas cher, a man wearing a black coat, a man wearing a cap into the awarding of the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, he asked the pay is very low key matters to staff. It turned out that the young man in his early 30s is the winner of the 15 evening.”My wife also came, but did not let her come in.” The man said,tn pas cher, for security reasons, so his wife in the car. He claimed to be the new capital of man,tn pas cher, his wife, who is Deyang, last November after pulling marriage certificate, he became a son of Deyang,louboutin pas cher, prepared during the Spring Festival this year, the big feast. A few days ago, he spent 10 yuan to buy a 5 note in Deyang, Guanghan lottery.

which contains a number of his wife’s birthday and feast day of the Lunar New Year.Surprisingly, not put banquet,toms online sale, he was received in advance of the “gift” – the value of 10.69 million yuan of color ball prize. At the same time,christian louboutin paris, he also became the highest so far in Sichuan Lottery single note bonus.”Maybe I was too nice ring with her,nike air max 1, just married the jackpot.” Received 8.6 million yuan after-tax bonus, the man said, the prize money will keep the couple together,boutique louboutin paris, will use part of the prize in their home to help around There are people in need, and the remaining funds will continue as a couple venture funds.According to news reports,air jordan pas cher, Sichuan Huaxi Dushi Bao: the evening of May 5 10:04.

but for every 10 liters of dirt need to add 75 ml green degradation agent,nike tn 2014, and the weight and the overall height of the tank and dirt box not easy to carry, limiting its applications.Bao bearing weight and convenient to reach 100 kg, and now Professor Lee is also preparing to cover thinner, can lose weight 0.5 kg, more portable. At the same time, accompanied by anti-wind and peeping outdoor raincoat, making it portable mobile toilets.Upgrades are available now being developedIn fact,nike air jordan pas cher, invented in 2008 to facilitate treasure out, and obtained national patents in 2009.Earlier this year, Li Shu Qing decided to register itself with a technology company,nike tn pas cher, and last month began operating convenience treasure. “Because of the hole in the middle of the toilet lid is made of plastic,cheap toms sale, to ensure its smooth and closely integrated with tarps on the cover,air max pas cher enfant, there is no dedicated machine must be used manually, so the cost is a little high, need seventy to eighty dollars . “Li Shu Qing, said the product is priced at 198 yuan / month, online price 168 yuan / month. Some people buy online.Li Shu Qing frankly, if future products to mass production, the cost will be greatly reduced. Currently, they are developing the second generation of products.Chongqing Evening News reporter trainee reporter Zhang Yi Wang Shuihong bamboo / text reporter He Huaixiang / ChartConvenience treasure ManualAnti-wind and put peeping raincoatIt also designed an anti-wind with a retractable elastic ring and put peeping raincoat, raincoat hem this great, totally caught toilet. Complete set of equipment can be directly installed in a computer bag handbag size, weighing about 2.5 kg, while away from home directly into the car.Instructions”For example, traffic jams, go to the bathroom, you can directly open the fold of emergency toilet, put garbage bags, the user wears a raincoat, sitting on the toilet.


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