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smiled and nodded and started weeping.”Willing to let the mother to beg it?” For this problem, the bow does not smile, cry .. the sound.”Smiled cry, crying swollen eyes, eyelid gone.” Jatropha Curcas cool to smile wiping tears.Reporter: Wangzhi You want the streets and begging thing with love studied before?Jatropha Curcas cool: no.Reporter: smile agree you do it?Jatropha Curcas cool: I did not say this with the kids. (Break out crying) Just can save a child, I would do anything.Reporter: In case did not receive the desired effect how to do?Jatropha Curcas cool: thought, but Wang brother succeeded. There is a glimmer of hope, I have to do, Who I’m the mother, the children often ask, “Mom, tube neck when I can pull down,chaussures nike tn pas cher, I want to go back to school.”Reporter: Wangzhi You must supervise the use of this 2200 yuan.Jatropha Curcas cool: should do, after all, is the good-hearted people to donate money, to use place.Smiled when leaving the residence, Wangzhi You repeatedly told Jatropha Curcas cool “Do not sell the house, or even a residence are not, there is hope and smiled.”War reporter Li ChauBiographyDo not rely on work funded by begging others to infect more peopleWangzhi You, 42 years old this year, Heilongjiang, is an orphan, living in recent years mainly in Hefei, illiterate, no wife without children,air max 90 pas cher, begging for 16 years.26 years old, to discuss the sale of Mudanjiang was cheated all her money and desperation on the streets. “Is a kind boss took me in and gave me to buy a return ticket.

400,600,800 … 1600,barbour,1800,2000, this is uncle to treat your money.”Handed over the money in the hands of Jatropha Curcas cool after he used a knife to cut open transparent tape sealing the white paper bag, bag with 20 10 dollars, “which is more than one month ago,barbour femme, I was begging in Hefei, when a Bit sell vermicelli my aunt donated her money is not easy, all change,hollister homme, I wanted to make it to save my life, but now I put the money to smile and hope that this love can bless her health and peace. “Wangzhi You wipe tears said.Subsequently, Wangzhi You require Jatropha Curcas cool to write a receipt, “Yao Zhi cool Wangzhi You received a total donation of 2300 dollars (including the first meeting to $ 100).” He said no other meaning to write this receipt is get on the good-hearted people good show, “because I have a principle that does not spend a minute begging for love of money, all begging for money,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, I will be donated to one of the others.”Mom: “You have to be strong, because you are the father and mother’s day.”Smiled: “But if one day, the heavens how to do?”Dad: “heavens there to do,hollister, Dad is ground, it will catch you.”Yesterday, Yao Zhi cool smile after crying about the illness, a person caught in a predicament and suffering of body and mind.In late September,red bottom sandals, the daughter smiled attached several cold, “the boy eyes and face swollen, a little spirit did not.” October 1, smiled and was diagnosed with uremia Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University.Yao Zhi Shuang, said the family has 10 acres of corn, usually her father smiled RBI working out, a few years she saved more than 100,000 dollars. “In the countryside, we considered bad for such a family.”But this a serious illness, the family suddenly changed dramatically, the whole family spent their savings empty, borrowed from relatives and friends of more than 10 million of money should not have watched.

although the government had been to town for help, to do a low households. “Now,tn pas chere, because there is no money in hospital, I can only go to the hospital with a smile dialysis twice a week,air max femme pas cher, every time go to the hospital to take more than 20 bus stops,tn pas cher, looking smiled suffered,louboutin femme, I feel bad …”In addition to pressure treatment costs, Yao Zhi looked cool smile swollen face,hollister carugate, neck stuck in the dialysis tube is sad, “smiled often ask me, Mom, tube neck when I can take down?”To encourage strong smile face this pain, often on Jatropha Curcas cool couple smiled and said, “You have to be strong,hollister online, because you are the father and mother’s day.””But if one day, the heavens how to do?” Suddenly one day smiled so asked.A man suddenly cried,hollister outlet, smiled and smiled a smiling father out strong, “said the heavens, and to do, Dad is ground, it will catch you.”Mom: “As long as I’m willing to do anything to save the child to do”When interviewed, continue to spread the narrow room crying mother Jatropha Curcas cool.”I know what is begging for it?” Faced with the reporter’s question.

and her daughter met with Jatropha Curcas cool.Yao Zhi Shuang, said her family lived in this golden sand Shenyang Kangping Township, in order to facilitate his daughter smiled dialysis, mother and brother live in temporary rented house in Shenyang.When the door,tn air max 2014 pas cher, smiled and was leaning against sitting on the bed, eyes looking out the window. Met a stranger, she bowed his head, did not speak.Wangzhi You see the smile is very enthusiastic,nike air max, active and close after greeting a few words,christian louboutin, begins his pocket and took out 2000 dollars.”200.