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after China developed its own F -16, this situation is expected to change.It is said that the F -16 fighter batch production will enter service in 2014, and gradually replace the Su -30MKK series aircraft, the next 10-15 years China has become the main equipment tactical level air strikes, and the F-Type Three and a half multipurpose -10B level with the formation of fighter. After the equipment F -16, the Chinese Air Force and Navy combat power will greatly enhance China’s coastal waters are expected to create a strong deterrent firepower, ranked advantage showdown with neighboring countries in three generations and three generations of fighters in half.Analysis of the preservation of the marine rights and interests of great benefitIn addition, the F -16 also has the ability to mount almost all of the latest models of domestic electronic warfare pods operations, which includes a variety of models such as China in recent years developed its own electronic jamming pod KG-300G and its improved model,cheap christian louboutin shoes, so that it can adapt currently the most sophisticated electronic warfare environment, but not at a disadvantage in terms of electronic warfare.Analysts believe that the F -16 fighter is mainly for the development of China’s naval air force.

Some foreign military experts pointed out that the performance of Perak -13 with America’s most advanced AIM-9X “Sidewinder” missiles comparable, in the air, almost no one can get rid of it locked. US media appear to Perak -13 expressed concern that such missiles would greatly enhance the combat capability of the Chinese Air Force, US Air Force and Navy air pose a serious challenge. Japan is very panic, the Japanese “military research” magazine said that in the case of the F -16 active phased array radar,moncler doudoune, if combined with another -13 Perak, Japan to buy weapons and equipment from the United States will not have any advantage at all.Analysts say the new missile partner Chinese F -16.

so that the latter combat power surge,barbour france, once the use of the bomb attack on the battlefield, for the purposes of any third-generation fighter will be difficult to completely get rid of. In addition, the F -16 fighter also has a more powerful anti-radiation combat capability, and the ability to carry YJ -91 (YJ-91) range anti-ship / anti-radiation missiles, precision strike on the enemy. After these technology upgrades, F -16 fighter with the biggest feature is the ability to attack the attack over the horizon of the sea and on the ground to mount a powerful heavy weapons capability. If after the first aerial refueling aircraft, then it can be more than 6000 km range,cheap christian louboutin, enough to Guam or the second island chain of China’s neighboring countries constitute a deterrent.Comparative advantage of advanced fighters around the underdogsThe reason why China Su -30MKK favor with Canada, from which itself is based on air superiority fighter developed on multi-role fighter,moncler, which has the stronger for it in the sea (ground) combat capabilities,pjs doudoune, while also maintaining the prototype fighters possess air combat capability, the ability of third-generation fighter and a half or three generations of China’s neighboring countries were equipped with air, sea attacks in complete tasks while also undertake the task of air combat. This model can also carry in combat and air-to-ground attack weapons,zanotti pas cher, not only to be flexibly adjusted according to battlefield conditions of combat missions, but also in the implementation of Attack, can have lower requirements for fighter escort. Therefore.

and the current domestic FBC-1 “Flying Leopard” fighter HNA large quantities of equipment compared to a larger body, the maximum payload of 12 tons, can launch YJ -62 (YJ-62) and YJ -83 (YJ-83) anti-ship missile, you can use a sword -10 (CJ-10) anti-ship cruise missiles,peuterey, if necessary, in order to strengthen the naval forces to combat surface ships the ability to ship or land targets. In addition, the use of Perak -13,moncler, will make it with a strong aerial ability, the two go hand in hand-to-sea-to-air. That F -16 excellent air and sea (to) strike capability,woolrich, it has become a Chinese air force to complete a number of tasks simultaneously airborne platforms.Currently, there are news reports that China plans to produce the first batch of 24 F -16 fighter production, and to give priority to the Chinese naval air force attachment used recently have 16 ready for delivery.

the use of Chinese self-developed airborne electronic equipment and has mastered the latest aviation technology, the advent of the F-16, making China produced the -30MKK worse than the Soviet Union’s own fighter-bombers,pjs doudoune, will further Enhanced multi-purpose fighter-bomber group of Chinese Air Force’s combat capability.At present,barbour homme, China’s neighboring countries heavy fighters and equipment,louboutin heels, in the East Asia and Japan,hogan outlet, South Korea F-15K fighter F-15J,abercrombie london, which had long been in East Asia dominate the sky invincible situation. In South Asia,parajumpers homme, the Indian Air Force Su -30MKI large quantities of equipment fighter can be described as China’s one big “hidden” in the South China Sea in Vietnam and the Soviet Union -30MKV equipment is a big rival. China is currently serving as the main anti-aircraft Su-27,barbour france, F-11 and F-10 fighter, is still a moderate level three generations of machines, the technology is mature and a half or even three generations of quasi-four-generation heavy fighter during the war,woolrich outlet, many a disadvantage. However.