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Rowe likes Real Madrid c n a reason

Kaka flew down the Bernabeu for the past two days, came another sensational news throughout the world, some media said c Rowe joined Real Madrid for a world record 80 million pounds transfer fee. This is true right? How many people look forward to, and how many people are complaining? cheap fifa coins Despite so much, mainly to write today about why Ronaldo would like to Real Madrid, and no other Club one: Real Madrid have unparalleled history, is still a little gap that Manchester United, Real Madrid, 9 Champions League Crown impossible world, Manchester United has only three times. Clubs like this even if the results weren’t very good, but football heritage has deep roots. I said before, Real Madrid is the world’s most noble temperament team, regardless of where her money comes from, players did their culture. Cristiano Ronaldo play, about face-saving, such people do not go to Real Madrid, where?

Second: Real Madrid as a player in packaging and marketing is second to none in the world, to get individual accolades, in addition to its own good, had to rely on the Club behind Real Madrid’s position in world football is obvious, the President talking portions should be no less. Had of Galaxy battleship, are has occurred had good times same club members competition football Mr, like, Raul and Philip Al Gore, Qi Zu and fertilizer Rowe, this description in Real Madrid as long as themselves performance good, is football Mr of strong competitors its three: Real Madrid is located in Madrid, Madrid is a open of city, and Mann cut Republika special is a doesn’t open, and doesn’t famous of city, this for like fashion and night life of Ronaldo for undoubtedly is a temptation.