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Don’t flag pool did not take the initiative to small art mentioned he was red, but after all, this is not anything out of the way. Since small art have guessed it, he does not intend to hide.Therefore, he did not deny. Just curious and asked: “how did you know I was red?”Small, although already guessed Xiaoming is red, but now he heard himself thought he is red, could not resist a thrill he actually is “conquer” the game’s influential man red!You know, red is her idol! What stack, during the guild tournament. She tried to join the red, but was refused entry to the red outside. Of course. She wants to join the red will. Don’t want to get any special prestige value. But to a close contact with the red of the legend.In the net when I heard this “Conquer Red” game “first villain” Yun did not care much about him, after all, small art itself to playing online games is not interested in, as long as reported in case of expectations into “conquer”.But then, how about red rumors and for the game, red fame louder.To the novice, to light, to UNITA village Luanfengang bloodbath if LAN temple, red moans one how small is greater than one, let small art on his curiosity is also more and more strong. Red light to me is the promulgation of the scare, reward amount of only a plate full system fatwa, let small Yun simmer with laughter.And “guild competition” on the red incomparable performance, is to let small Yun became a red, super fans! Even,cheap hats, she simply quit the guild,coach outlet store, as is the red will join. And red zero distance contact!Like her fling caution to the winds from the original guild. Want to join the Reds will iron red fans are in the minority. But almost all of the fans were disappointed, after they quit the guild, it was discovered that. Red Club threshold has been raised not they afford!Although there are a few Reds fans,coach store online, good family, at the original capital is to join the Reds will. Even if it is only temporary and will join the red, red fought a line!But. Unfortunately, the right to join red is red and will be fully delegated to the true my elegant demeanour and warriors. The two of them although feel helpless to accept each other’s existence, but how could introduce new threats? Then, in the two of them together the tacit understanding,ray ban sunglasses cheap, the red female fans a also not to be able to join the Reds will!While the small art, is that many unfortunate die-hard fans in a.The more don’t see red Yun on the red more worship, her room is hung with red pictures. Even in my dreams, red is always accompany her around!But. Suddenly one day, she accidentally in the drawer, turned to an old photo. It was a few years ago. She and her cousin “Xiaoming first day of high school. Ratio. Xiao Ming is red in reality

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