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The right hand knife flick, once again cut the commanding cursed skull knife shield soldier. Curse of the skull knife shield soldier and know that they have missed the best opportunity to get done in one vigorous effort from, will not win, but to. The left shield right knife kept a very tight. Only hope their companions to aid. Bai Qi although rank higher than it,cheap holbrook, on the equipment more than it much better at one thirty, but between, but also take this how small Shou skull knife shield soldier and curse not nothing. The two person was immersed in deadlock.The headless skeleton archers and curse given his skull hand put it on two shoulders, although no neck, skull almost stuck in his chest, so looks very funny, but it does not seem to affect its action.Effect of Er “or its action, because it is one not careful the skull upside down,cheap oakley sunglasses polarized, into the eye toward behind. It had to put the net safety skull pulled down, turned a direction to install.This, finally felt normal.To guide the curse of the skeleton archers see their partner was killed to retreat from its fire in my heart. Make no reply to his waist, picked up just to throw on the ground of the bow and arrow. Right hand in a flash. From the palm of the hand to grow bone arrow three handle the pale, it took three bone arrow all ride in the longbow. The left forward, right hand pull. Take a bow drawn into the full moon shape, and then right hand lightly loose. Sou sou sou, three white bone arrow. At the same time it off, like three lightning from direct to go.Multiple arrows!Bang bang! Three bone arrow shot from almost at the same time! Kaka two sound, effective two arrows hit Sanjian, shot off from the body of the two ribs, let white from head to take up two red Chinese characters! Another arrow from between the white heart of parasternal past,oakley outlet store, but from what little skull bones, only, not flesh and blood, otherwise, this one will give him through!Although both sides from the enemy,oakley sunglasses outlet, but unflappable. Twisting a zha. “Strengthening the sprint attack. To curse the skeleton archers to guide the direction of hit. Although they are the distance between the two has exceeded the “strengthening sprint attack” attack distance, but from this hit not cursed skeleton archers to guide, but also his own “throw. Come here.Archers have the advantage of being able to long-range attacks, as long as the closer, archers is a waste!Two 0 three, Lianzhu will-o ‘- the-wisp playingRemember and only “throw”! After. White and curse! To guide the skeleton archers distance is shortened to less than two meters! Then white by forward potential, a diving forward roll, just turn to command the curse of the skeleton archers of before the body, he is not in accordance with the conventional, forward after stood up. But through a flip potential. A vertebra, the hard to hit the commanding cursed skeleton archers of the abdomen!With a slam, and cursed the skeleton archers and again by banging on the wall. The newly installed skull to shock. White net will once again.

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