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Even,cheap holbrook, they are still the air out, avoid fire monkey that root causes no threat to their flare!The coward, really speechless……So nearly a thousand more than 90 of the size of B and more than one thousand ordinary insects could Leng is red they resist meters away!Even if there are other ice silkworm chiefs and the silver beetles can get into the 10 princes of rice vermicelli, immediately is already put six ears and warriors rushed, “dance with joy”, “rain pear gun” one pass cookin eliminate them into slag.Ten minutes, ten minutes had passed!At this time more than one thousand ordinary insects have all been slaughtered. Only 1000 size B is still red in front of them 10 meters away whining.True my elegant demeanour unhurried to once again launched Fantian meteor fire, a minute later, numerous basin size blazing red ball of fire from heaven and in addition, all the silver beetles, worms head ghost leader and the first round of the burning meteor fire didn’t kill the ice silkworm chiefs are seckill! Only a hundred just summoned ice silkworm head left 1/3 life points where the painful struggle!This blow, Zhenwofengcai directly and a rise of two to 60. The Reds also rise the level reached 73, surprisingly is the 95 level “expert” without even a step up to level 96!But fighting continued!Variation of hundred worm king “unlimited calls to be” small shop? Blink of an eye and called out hundreds of new mutation hundred worm king, and this new variation of 100 insects King continued to call out the hundreds of size B and thousands of ordinary monster.Five minutes later, a dragon body time.Five minutes later, Zhenwofengcai once again launched the “Fantian meteor fire”, a group of old B perished, and a number of new B was born.It is 5 minutes, half an hour the great demon summoning time to. Before they disappear, only 48 have been nothing as hell striker, plunged into the monster leaves, bravely chose suicide, but also killed a lot of size B. Then the two big demon meet to roar, disappeared.The great demon disappeared, red, pressure immediately jumped. Mainly because the distance near the injection two hell three dogs of hell fire, only 4 meters away. And their level is low, only 48, their hell fire scare ghost insect leader OK,oakley sunglasses uk, but there is no way to do a full range of closed.Fortunately, true my elegant demeanour is a Fire Mage, in addition to the “Fantian meteor fire”, itself also many fire spells. There are one hundred and sixty fire monkey and red she summoned the flame shot help,cheap frogskins outlet, just don’t let red insect harassment by ghost.But red without interference, does not mean that he has been able to play the “king of infinite so that”!Now,, his head is already faint, eye has blur, rotation speed has been slow as the old lady playing Taijiquan, the body has not help a! ah

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