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adjourned friendship students will now gradually evolved into ego, Fu fighting comparisons or accumulated contacts Vanity Fair.Went to the Spring Festival holiday, such as “middle-aged men and women get together to catch the students will be plastic” “reunions become Seventeen ‘nine fear’ one ‘kind of reunions around the Spring Festival” Strange News “began to appear; some electric provider advertising also played “party is not afraid to talk about the house.

in the 1980s old classmates are now over middle age,cheap louboutin shoes, when the party did not like the young “competition”, but more people have become more poly vein, Latin American relations, “flattery.”After that meeting, the boss is sensitive to the completion of the students pulled aside whisper: “My daughter college entrance examination this year, do you think your school zayang candidates,chaussure zanotti, money is not a problem.” Bi Min said,zanotti femme, until then himself came to understand the kind invitation of his old classmates another reason.Although Min Bi old classmates demands nothing,louboutin, but since then the annual Spring Festival, the boss invites her students to attend the party. Spring Festival last year, students at the boss recommendation, Bi Min attended the alma mater at the “Alumni Spring Festival.””The school host,basket louboutin, invited graduate students,tn, regardless of sector, fared a good boss, the majority of government officials,moncler sito ufficiale, and finally we take a photo, official figures large fortune to sit centrally year old teacher was ranked at the edge.

even Some still standing. “Bi Min said, the entire Alumni, school leaders like in the opening stage of the investment will be, the audience’s old classmates are busy for business cards, cotton, seating order of the table are arranged well in advance, we call each other, the ” a total, a bureau, a director “instead of that year’s nickname or nickname.Meet as miss? “To the youth,” How to become Vanity FairMovie last year, one called “To the youth” in the country lead to “cherish the memory of youth” craze. The movie has a detail: a college class reunion years later,hollister, when the campus opened active figure in order not to let the students know that their life dilemma, deliberately bought fake brand-name one party, and it is lavishly mounted in front of their classmates .Ting and Sun Min Bi reunions if that is the reality of the above movie clips in miniature. This should recollection of events.

And every Spring Festival, some “good mix” of students scrambling to organize the party but more and more active, and promised themselves “private use”, has become a gathering place from the time a small hotel restaurants, resorts,tn, and other high-end clubs.”Some open cars,magasin hollister, some riding a motorcycle, who use the phone on the table and more high-end, who wear bigger clothes brand, who smoked cigarettes more expensive. Although there is no direct comparison, but the obvious gap between people increasingly awkward. “Sun Ting said,barbour homme, ten years reunion, the dinner table,abercrombie,” recalling the past, “less and less” than it is now “more and more,doudoune pjs, the chat, the real thing feel more light,barbour pas cher, bragging ostentatious of means that more and more concentrated.Reminisced into resources: Tyrant students,parajumpers pas cher, we change the card, right?”Tyrant Hello, we are friends now.” In Beijing a teacher’s college graduates feel sensitive, contemporary network buzzwords phrase just to describe their reunions.”‘Tyrant students, we change the name card’, which is now the subject of our reunions.” Bi-sensitive half-jokingly told reporters On the Road.1987, Bi Min admitted to a university in Beijing from Anhui, a county school to teach after graduation and settled in Beijing. 2010 Spring Festival, a multi-year high school students did not contact Bi-sensitive back home suddenly invited to participate in reunions, because Shengqingnanque,cheap christian louboutin shoes, Bi Min schedule an appointment.Min invite students who completed at home in the real estate business, when the “poor student” is now the county has a head the big boss. Class reunion scene,hollister paris, Bi Min invited to come find old classmates, old teachers, old president, although many numbers, but only the boss has always protagonist classmates.”We scrambled to drink with him, for business cards, and some students even gave him a gift, and some hope that the cooperation business with him,jordan pas cher, but the more it is something to let him help.” Bi Min said.