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he served in the audit leading cadres 13 people, leaving 28 people audit of leading cadres. Within the city of “naked officials” thoroughly investigation of individual “naked officials” leading cadres to organize timely conversation, explain policies and urge rectification. The introduction of “leading cadres near Nanchang on relatives and staff appointments matters promoted Audit Interim Measures Report”, the city has reported 12 people, returned to eight people,cheap louboutin shoes, two people try to restrain him, the suspension of a person. At the same time, strict governance Buying and selling issues, has treated 19 people leading cadres, including “double open” 6, 7 dismissed.Violation “eight provisions,” 198 people have been treatedAs of September, Nanchang deal with any violations,basket louboutin, “eight provisions” issue 105 onwards,cheap christian louboutin shoes, handling 198 people,abercrombie pas cher, including 62 people party and government discipline. And severely punish the animal health supervision Nanchang branch secretary, director Tang Yuming Gongjusiyong problems Sanjiang Nanchang County high school principal teacher Zhu Jingfeng organization of public funds travel issue, Lake District Bureau of violations issued New Year welfare issues,mulberry sale uk, as well as Lake District People’s Congress Vice Ren Guibing, Nanchang a banquet in public funds and other issues, resulting in a powerful deterrent.From September this year, Nanchang to weak enforcement of regulation, lack of supervision, lazy inaction, lax discipline and the “door hard,barbour homme, ugly face, something difficult” issues such as the focus, launch a four-month special rectification activities . Up to now, has dealt with “not official” case 30 cases, accountability 97 people, party and government discipline 10 people.Nanchang County, a water improvement project funds defrauding 38 people checkedPunish serious problem of corruption around the side of the masses, in Nanchang village “two committees” before the general, carried out a “small government big corruption” special rectification activities. Nanchang County Commission for Discipline Inspection investigated Gen Fu Shan Dong village in the new rural construction project water improvement projects in the case of fraud fraudulent funds were verified violation of discipline personnel 38 people.

Jurong Party Secretary Wei-dong, Mayor Hsu were given instructions on the report. Not long ago, according to the report Jurong municipal government issued a special “the opinions linkage established environmental enforcement mechanisms.”Environmental captain accepted money 99 times”: Faced with contamination of drinking water sources Jurong” posts, reflecting the city under water pumping station Sichuan Changjiang town drinking water sources long suffered chemical March 23 this year,louboutins, appeared on one entitled “Landscape Jurong” forum sulfuric acid pollution, years of neglect.”According to the assignment, my comrades and township Attorney Office, in conjunction with the public security organs to take pictures the same day rushed to the scene contaminated samples, and started a joint investigation.” According to Zhang Hongxing contractors prosecutors introduced, leading to contamination of the site is an irrigation channel of the Yangtze River.

the city’s party cadres turned “red” section 1.446 million yuan. Nanchang improve the “Three” budget management and open system, and greatly reduce general expenditures,giuseppe zanotti, in 2014 the city level, “Three” budget number fell 21.3%.Text / Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Wenxiu (Original title: Nanchang on the “naked officials” thoroughly investigation strict governance Buying and selling “doubleMarch of this year, an article reflects the long-term suffering drinking water sources contaminated sulfuric acid plants, many years of neglect of the net posts, causing Jurong City, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Procuratorate attention. After extensive investigation,veste barbour, Jurong City Procuratorate investigated the city ecological crimes series of cases in the field of environmental protection altogether 9 10 people involved in environmental protection, Development and Reform Commission by letter, financial and other multi-sectoral public officials, and found a number of enterprises set cheat country provincial various special subsidies of up to 1,barbour france,000 million.Recently, Jurong City Procuratorate investigated cases of family research and analysis,parajumpers homme, environmental monitoring, law enforcement found that, in the field of environmental protection subsidies approval is high ecological crimes, prone to link the two.”According to the characteristics of such cases, we specifically analyze the reasons for such cases multiple,basket nike, put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, and formed a” special report cases handled in the field of ecological environment. “” Jurong City Procuratorate hairy Conlin said, Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Procuratorate Yu waves.

including family level 1, Fu Keji a man,moncler uomo, 16 village cadres involved the amount of 261 million yuan; Qingshanhu Commission for Discipline Inspection of the East Industrial Park Chang Shiqiao corruption cases were investigated,louboutin femme, verified Xiong Hongjun stone village branch secretary,jordan pas cher, deputy secretary of the branch Xiong Qinglin, branch members bear outlook, District Agricultural Water Affairs Bureau Wang Bindeng 4 People suspected of bribery,moncler, drug use and other illegal and discipline, involving more than 300 million, has been transferred to judicial organs.City level “Three” budget down 21.3% year on yearIn a period of three months to carry out a gift of public funds,christian louboutin shoes, public funds, extravagance and waste, Gongjusiyong, drunk driving, to participate in gambling, access to private clubs during special campaigns, Nanchang inspected 102 public places, shutting down three private clubs,louboutin, suspend business for rectification or rectification transformation 17.Continuation of the problem “red” special treatment.


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