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killing seven people were injured, six of whom to undergo surgery,cheap louboutin shoes, hospital stay of more than a half months. The defendant is responsible for inspecting the accident lifts letter Branch project director, admitted checking three segments were about 30 cm of the cable when the annual inspection, and failure to lift the program to check the traction wheels, but the issue of proof, claiming that the safe operation of the lift.Another three people were co summons,hollister roma est, they will be held on April 29 preliminary hearing, and letter by last October delisted.(Original title: Hong Kong Jizhui elevator accident caused seven people were injured engineer was sentenced to fivBEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) some opposition to “cross-strait trade in services agreement,outlet hogan,” the evening of 18 groups from Taiwan to occupy Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” Conclave far. According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News” reported, stationed at the “Legislative Yuan” in the Sixth Corps Security Police Squadron bear the brunt of a team of four events. A police officer fracture, collapsed in pushing squadron,giubbotto woolrich, the pneumothorax was critical, fortunately, has been out of the woods. A player in the online writing: “Strong brother, to his wife and three children, please come on.”Police say 18 evening, “to defend the weak,basket louboutin,” the main reason is the failure of intelligence, did not think the people in addition to organizing protests outside the party.

70 years old, is responsible for the inspection of registered lift engineer,hogan, earlier pleaded guilty to three summons yesterday (5th) was jailed for five months. Magistrate refers serious cases,woolrich arctic parka, refused to accept a community service order proposal to become the first case of negligence because inspection of lifts imprisonment cases.Seventy accused remorseThe defendant Zhi-Hua Lin (73 years old) had earlier pleaded guilty to three of “Lifts and Escalators (Safety) Regulations”, waiting background and social services make the report after sentencing. Magistrate yesterday that the positive report, it is recommended to accept the old defendant community service order. He said the defendant had sincere remorse, community service orders do not represent a lesser penalty, but the court considered serious cases.

involving the public interest, be wary of the lift maintenance man.Be wary of the industry jailed in MayYellow refers to lift passenger safety officer entrusted in the hands of engineers and maintenance staff to check,boutique louboutin, “rely on their professional judgment and act honestly,” but the defendant deviated from these principles. The court shall send a message to the industry, to remind the maintenance personnel to rigorous and responsible attitude to work, to make passengers feel at ease using the lift,chaussure louboutin homme, and refers only choice is jailed. The defendant guilty involved the highest one-year imprisonment, the prosecution earlier refers to similar cases in the past only fined,hollister felpe, never jailed.Last March 2 incident at about 8:00, King’s houses and on the 5th floor, lift up to a time, four more than 20 meters of cable length all broken, so Jizhui elevator shaft bottom.

but also “coded” into the “Legislative Yuan.” Over 24 hours of continuous work in the police who anger is not small.It was said that there are as many students in the Conclave in public drinking,hogan scarpe, kissing the self, urine, ” legislator ‘though fighting, did not dare to do so. ” Some people complain: “I have not met one hand,louboutin red bottoms, the students called, sexual harassment!” There are people claiming to own these years of experience,zanotti pas cher, “Sports Core,louboutins,” about 200 students,modelli hollister, “every game has their protest . “Nearby store, it is a few happy tears. “Legislative Yuan” restaurant “Kang Park” usually pick up a lot of business tours,parajumpers femme, and on the 19th the abolition of all, almost no turnover. As a snack bar nearby,hogan scarpe, it was because people gathered and business is booming. Many DPP “legislators” pocket also provides lunch, sent “siege” to the meeting venue students. Related news (Original title: Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” Police: Protesters Conclave kissing,parka woolrich,China News Network May 27 electrical (pak).