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decree Room 402 owners plum indemnity money really repair costs more than 7300 yuan.Glass smashed by falling downstairs vehicleLast August 6,cheap louboutins shoes, the highest temperature in Shanghai reached 40.6 �. Near noon,hollister, the money really drove to a cell Liuzhou Road to visit friends. After charging $ 10 parking fee, residential property will the money really directed to a parking space. 15:00 more than a few pieces of broken glass in the money really hit the car body,tn air max 2014 pas cher, glass window was smashed, the roof appeared several pits. Originally, the chamber 402 adjacent residential building window glass broken and fall to the ground floor.After half a month, the money really took the documents to find room costs 402 gold owners plum theory, hear each other like the answer, “the Department of glass burst due to heat exposure, are acts of God, I have no fault.” Discord After the money really taken to court to request compensation for vehicle maintenance plum gold and other costs 7300 yuan.The trial court held that, although the day of the incident to the hot weather,abercrombie and fitch, but not the law of force majeure. Mei gold should anticipate the possibility of hyperthermia induced burst of glass and take the necessary measures in advance. Accordingly,abercrombie pas cher, the court plum indemnity than 7300 yuan. After losing the first instance, plum gold appealed.Property guidelines parking is also need to bear responsibilityThree focus of controversy in this case is very clear the second instance.

Comrade Chen Liping City Federation of Trade Unions President further implementation of the financial support for Hu Yan Tao Huaxi Hospital implemented the China Charity Federation Gleevec Medical Assisting program projects. Through all levels of the organization and the community Donations and West China Hospital of great help,barbour paris, Hu Yan peach treatment required fees have been temporarily resolved.Moderators Needham Hu Yan Tao learned to get the second tranche of 160,000 donations when excited, “I’m glad the night,barbour femme, paying the money of their own to be so much happier than I am,christian louboutin soldes, really,” Let the world filled with love, “I repeated this song fifty-six hours listening to. “Love Relay,doudoune femme moncler, continuedHu Yan peach during hospitalization, there have been friends condolence telephone call, sent a condolence message,parajumpers pas cher, there are many users chose to visit the hospital. See post, there is a man rushed Nanchong Huaxi hospital to visit Hu Yan Tao, and bring donations. Users every day to Hu Yan Tao Li Chen sent a text message, “You are the most important now is to put the flat state of mind, to concentrate on rest and recuperation, the money we do have it …” enthusiastic touched and encouraged users Hu Yan peach on the bed.In addition to running the students outside Hu Yan Tao, Hu Yan peach Sichuan Agricultural University, where students also launched fund-raising. School leaders has been to the hospital to visit her. According to the College of Veterinary Medicine, Sichuan Agricultural University, deputy party secretary Wang Li introduced March 2 they will conduct a large-scale fundraising school,doudoune parajumpers, teachers and students always worried about Hu Yan Tao’s condition.The last interview,air max pas cher pour homme, the reporter found that the protagonist of the story is not just Hu Yan Tao, every one who extended the hand of love should be the protagonist of the story. They love the hands push forward the development of the story. Strong and optimistic girl, kind enthusiastic users,jordan pas cher, with action to practice the “happiness Ziyang” leadership.

one by the Full Court Review.The focus of a hot weather cause glass to burst if the case of force majeure? Mei gold in Police interrogation statements, “the day temperature is too high,parajumpers pas cher, and the number of days for more than 40 �”, media reports have hot sun burst glass. Accordingly, on the day of the incident may result in hot weather balcony glass burst, is capable of reasonably foreseeable. The trial court made the correct identification, the full court to be recognized.Focus II, the property company have a responsibility? Residential property management company parking guidelines real money.

humane school, converging in a community of love spicy river. I hope to have more rivers here brings together until it becomes a warm ocean.Love is still gathering relay continues .Newspaper reporter Chen QiongkeMoney really driving to visit a friend, the property will be charged a parking fee he guided to a parking space. Unexpectedly, near a residential building outside the window burst,christian louboutin, which is the body injured. Recently, the Shanghai Intermediate Court of Final Appeal ruled that “hot weather should cause the glass to crack force majeure” flimsy excuse.

The same day an article entitled “The government is to force,abercrombie fitch, to save Hu Yan Dorothy in action! “The post will be informed of the users spread spicy communities.Hu Yan peach rescue team is growing. The request of friends,christian louboutin for cheap, students will Hu Yan peach and telephone account published online. Condolence calls,parajumpers femme, text messages and donations began coming to Hu Yan peach.”Save the quote” paid off, users are excitedFebruary 20, Ziyang daily in the “special attention” section of Hu Yan Tao incident was a full-page coverage, more people know about the situation Ziyang Hu Yan peach, love is constantly gathering.February 24, in the Commission’s organizational Ziyang, party secretary Li Jia personally instructed, the City Federation of Trade Unions, City Women’s Federation, League City, City District, the business units have donations, led city leaders and representatives personally Lezhi Gilbert secretary to Chengdu visited Hu Yan peach and send love donations of 16 million yuan. Municipal Committee.