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Despite all the changes — USC higher VAT and so on — government revenues having plunged 9bn in 2009 have risen by only 1bn since Day-to-day current spending which rose by 2bn in 2009 has fallen by just 15bnThe ESRI researchers say this one-third of a bang for your buck seems a poor performance Their explanation goes back to 2009 and is a startling illustration of the complications of “austerity”On paper in gross terms the late ‘s emergency action took a whopping 6pc of GDP out of the economy But the deficit hardly shifted The reason was the dramatic fall in prices as well as in outputIt was considered politically impossible to index social welfare and other benefits downwards in line with deflation in a mirror image of increases when prices are risingThat rise in current spending produced the remarkable result according to the ESRI’s tax and welfare model which was that the 2009 Budget was mildly expansionarySince then the picture seems to be the more usual one that fiscal corrections in a sluggish economy produce cuts in the deficit about half the size of the corrections In the ESRI’s book real corrections began only two years ago so no wonder there is still some way to goThey make an interesting comparison with the corrections of the early 1980s; when and Labour were also in chargeThe 1980s’ corrections seemed very rough at the time but they were only enough to prevent deficits growing They would have had to be twice as big to make significant reductionsOne can sense that left to its own devices the current Government would end up following much the same course but it has not been left to its own devices OptionThat option was not available this time Ireland came close to being excluded from the borrowing markets in the 1980s but held on just Its exclusion this time and the resulting bailout means the troika sets the terms although not — it insists — the detailsIn effect ‘s coalition perhaps unintentionally postponed adjustment while it waited for economic recoveryThis is the course urged by many in ‘s coalition The figures suggest it is much closer to that position – also perhaps unintentionally — than the critics recogniseThis seems as surprising a declaration as a similar claim would have done in 1985 But thanks to that 2009 Budget where the deficit remained unchanged borrowing has fallen by little more than three percentage points of GDP in four years It is something but it is hardly dramaticBesides government plans are quite specific that they are waiting for recovery Over the next four years the deficit is meant to fall by six percentage points even though austerity eases off Growth you see will do the trickExcept of course we don’t see it Quite the contrary The US economy has failed to recapture what most people think is its growth potential is using less steel — a bad sign Europe is probably in Perhaps we should not be too surprised by this weakness It took more than five years from the 1980 oil-driven bust for sustained growth to resume This is worse and the five-year mark has not yet been reachedEven so there is talk (what economists call “anecdotal evidence”) of things picking up a bit The estate agents’ windows are certainly more varied and there is even the odd cheery retailer Time may yet do a bit of healing — if we don’t run out of time firstThe CSO figures tell us that nothing was happening in the second quarter and I am not suggesting that much happened in this quarter either But with the Budget likely to be fairly light on the tax side — although heavy on politics because of property tax — a fair wind from abroad might stir a few shoots next yearEurope is the key It never joined in even the feeble US recovery and now it is shrinking back into recessionIts leaders appear to be shrinking back into their astonishing complacency even as recession looms and the ECB bond-buying plans offer a window of opportunity for the kind of action that might begin to turn the euro into a credible currencyOther analysis shows the Irish economy and public finances desperately vulnerable to even a modest global recessionIt was precisely to provide some ammunition against this that the Fiscal Advisory Council suggested modest increases in what are in truth the modest deficit reduction measures from 2013-15They were dismissed by a government which essentially is waiting for something to turn up If it doesn’t the best option might well be to hold the deficit steady and wait some more But the option may not be availableMourinho has identified regular qualification for the as one key to maintaining Chelsea’s economic stability.” Mourinho told ‘s official website.AssuredThe Nou Camp mosaic spelled out the word pride and that was surely all Bar? It was already a David and Goliath task for ,Cheap Lululemon Outlet, a stapler,Toms Sale, for example, the tax base needs to be broadened and the middle classes must not be forced to carry the greatest burden. he said, notably micro-credit activities.
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