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But the key is, the Dragon chief, had one hundred long Konoe. The dragon people although there is no Konoe dragon chief that twisted. But reached 600, and each of a set of low-level fairy suit.If it is the words,cheap oakley holbrook, basically have no red lose to win, if fighting words, red private army is not an opponent.Of course, if there is enough time, let the red to summon his demon spirit force, estimate the grinding can also put one hundred long Konoe grind. But the Dragon Konoe, not only is the body of human, but also has not inferior to the wisdom of mankind. Don’t give the Red Army called private opportunities, as long as saw red, will rush forward to fight.What way, between red and big East Asia empire war into a strange situation. Dragon head, with long Konoe, in command of an army of dragon army, kept against Red China city. But red is led by the red country’s elite, and constantly fought against big east Empire city.But although nutritious game storehouse, red is not a robot, can not always online, therefore, gradually Red China will again fall into the wind……Three three three, the country.Three three three, the country.After half a month, the red nations part land, is the abyss dragon sent the Dragon army attacked. Of course, these land, are also red country away from big east imperial hands, like all red city,cheap oakley holbrook outlet, Malila City, Po city these red states, is still in the great rear area security, is not affected by the impact of the war.But, with respect to land loss, even more serious is the red Chinese game player strength lossThe siege of success, there are additional upgrades. The same city, fall, tower defense game player is also a corresponding relegation. But, the red Chinese game player, is different from the other game playerIn the Red’s insistence, the red nations fighting game player, must be “red” game playerAnd the “red” game player, once dead, he punished the permanent serious than ordinary game player than ordinary game player, after death, only down a level. And the “red” game player, once dead, at least down two, if evil value is too high, the luck is not too good, fall four or five, all is not impossibleMoreover, “red” of the game player, death, equipment drop than ordinary game player is much higher, but still picking specific advanced equipment priority burstTherefore, this half a month to, although “the degree of loss of land” is still within the tolerance range of the red, but the game player strength decreased,oakley outlet store, but far out of his expectationBut again, the red cow, also just a game player, and not immortal, not GM, can only stem worried,oakley sunglasses online uk, but also helpless.Be nonplussed over sth. the red, the heart reads a to move, arrived at the red city Sanqing general view. Even a letter incense is also lazy, red direct voice shouted. Voice did not fall, glaucoma flash, white hair and beard of Taishang senior appeared in front of the red.

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