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Suddenly, the big toad into a headless flies, in the fog, romping, simply don’t know.But, after all, their rank higher than the red too much. Although they lost, but this does not affect their ability to use!I saw the big toad like mad jitter body, the back meat pimple * * out of the road. A big toad, who have ten lumps, nearly a hundred big toad had nearly million meat lump!Nearly a million meat lump * * nearly 10000 green, even the headless flies, the flies too close? Red summoned demon spirit have screamed into the clouds!In addition to bugs and red, others in front of big toad,cheap oakley polarized, the green is a slag discharge!Thanks to the three female and red all the pet would hide far, otherwise, the red now have no time to cry.Although there are many powerful red skills can seckill even five, six hundred large *OSS,cheap polarized outlet, but in the face of so much as high as two hundred large toad, what can he seckill several?Red now anxious eyes!He first and give yourself a wonderful antidote, snapping back song, and then end up out of the Gunslinger, meow – a big toad, not far from the side, started out with God fusillade gunslinger skills!God fusillade: consume all the MP, with a band of gun, a game player rating of /10+1 times, hit a 500 increase in God fusillade, every god bomb attack power equal to the game player’s attack *400.Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang bang! The eleven shot a torrent, the big toad was!After the blow the big toad, red immediately pulled a daughter of a bottle of magic back to the blue agent! Effect of content of bottle back to blue agent can reply to game player 1/3 MP!Red eyes without blinking an even swallowed four bottle effects back to the blue agent, MP immediately restored to full value!Then a fusillade of God,discount oakleys, but also a big toad burst into a mass of green blood!Four thousand gold coins for a big toad!This price, also a bit too big?However, just had a windfall of red now simply treat money like dirt! We brothers now anything missing, is not lack of money!………………Half an hour later, the red “-” only people killed more than 100 big toad, if not on the effects to blue agent all have cost is finished, I’m afraid he will continue to send!More than one hundred big toad, consumes more than 100 bottle effects back to the blue agent,oakley frogskins online, the value of about four hundred thousand gold coins!And these big toad only after a pile of toad skin, toad meat this kind of garbage, not only sporadically into several pieces of gold equipment, even the gold not burst out.Not only that, even the red of the main objectives of the snow tears!相关的主题文章:

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