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Well,cheap oakley sunglasses, it comes up from fans. It hasn’t really come up officially from HBO. Some of this depends on decisions that HBO makes,fake oakleys, which I don’t know what they would make, but I mean,cheap oakley sunglasses, we did the first season in 10 hours and I haven’t seen them and so you know,fake oakleys, but everybody seems to think it’s working pretty well. So I’m very encouraged by that. I was sort of hoping for 12 hours. Some of their other shows are 12 hours,cheap oakley sunglasses, I know The Sopranos usually got 12 or 13 even. So did the first [book] in 10 hours. If they pick up Clash of Kings,fake oakleys, is it going to be 10 hours or are they going to do 12 hours? Clash of Kings is a slightly longer book than Game of Thrones, but 10 or 12 hours, it can still be done in one season.

The real crucial point comes with the third season with Storm of Swords. Storm of Swords is a monster of a book,cheap oakley sunglasses, a gigantic book. It’s 500 pages longer in manuscript than Clash of Kings was. And Clash of Kings was 100 pages longer than Game of Thrones. You cannot do Storm of Swords in 10 hours. I think they need to make two seasons out of that. You know,cheap oakley sunglasses, break it somewhere in the middle, maybe at [spoilery plot point redacted]. And then you get to the Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons books I’m now finishing, which are really two halves of a book that dwarfs even Storm of Swords because they take place simultaneously. Those books have to be recombined and broken up into a least two seasons, or maybe even three seasons because there is a tremendous amount of material in that.