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Their 1950-53 conflict ended in a ceasefire rather than a peace treaty,cheap oakley sunglasses.

The vehicles were outfitted with bright red flags, following border rules aimed at preventing an accidental shooting.

The once-buzzing industrial zone — which had previously remained largely resilient to turbulence in relations — had the air of a ghost town,cheap oakley sunglasses, according to pool reports from Kaesong.

Factories and convenience stores were shuttered and dark, traffic signals were off and North Korean workers plucked overgrown weeds from the sidewalk outside the 15-storey building where the talks were held.

YA’AN,cheap oakley sunglasses, China: A bloodied survivor sat on a chair outdoors getting stitches to his head as rescue workers struggled to pull other people from the rubble after a powerful quake left more than 150 dead on Saturday.

Rows of tents have been set up outside a hospital to cope with the flood of thousands left injured by the tremor which hit the city of Ya’an on the edge of the Tibetan plateau,fake oakleys.

Survivors were shown on state television being pulled from rubble, lifted on stretchers and being stitched up and treated outdoors.

Two pro-Islamist television stations which broadcast footage of the raid on Motijheel were forced off the air, journalists at the channels said.

The plug was pulled on Diganta Television and Islamic TV as dozens of plain-clothes policemen stormed into their offices,cheap oakley sunglasses.

The violence erupted Sunday afternoon after police tried to break a blockade of highways leading into Dhaka.

The protests had been instigated by Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi,cheap oakley sunglasses, the leader of Hefajat-e-Islam who is said to be around 90 years old.

Police managed to persuade Shafi on Monday to leave his madrassa,cheap oakley sunglasses, a religious school, in Dhaka, escorting him to the airport from where he was flown to Chittagong.

In a sign of their desire to avoid inflaming tensions, police insisted he was not arrested but left of his own volition.

Junayed Babu Nagori, the secretary general and second-ranked leader of the group, was arrested in the capital, Dhaka police spokesman Rahman told AFP.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ruled out a blasphemy law, saying she will not cave into hardliners who accuse bloggers of insulting the Prophet Mohammed.

NEW DELHI: Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt, who is in jail for arms possession, is being held in a cell built for militants where he cannot see daylight and wants to be transferred, a report said Saturday.

Dutt, 53, surrendered on Thursday to serve out the remaining three-and-a-half years of a five-year term in a case linked to deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings.

Dutt’s lawyer, Rizwan Merchant, has demanded the transfer of the actor whom he said was being kept in the cell once occupied by Mumbai attacks gunman Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, according to the Indian Express daily newspaper.

Pakistani-born Kasab was executed last November,cheap oakley sunglasses, nearly four years after 166 people died in a three-day rampage that traumatised India.

The steel bunker specially built for Kasab at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail had no ventilation and the actor could not even tell if it was day or night, the lawyer said.

“He (Dutt) is not a terrorist” and should not be kept in such a cell, the lawyer was quoted as saying.