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Speaking after an EU summit in Brussels where nearly all member countries but Britain moved toward a new treaty,cheap oakley sunglasses, Necas painted red lines for Czech participation in the deal.

“(When considering) whether the Czech Republic should or should not join, it needs to know what it would be joining, and that is not known now,fake oakleys,” he told reporters after the Brussels summit.

“Now it has one or two pages of theses, and that is damn different from the shape of an international treaty… There is a damn long way from a drawing of a house to a house that has been built and now you want to move furniture into.”

Most EU leaders agreed to pursue a tougher budget discipline regime with automatic sanctions for deficit sinners in the single currency area,cheap oakley sunglasses.

The treaty, to include 17 euro zone members and those of the 9 other EU states who have said they would consider joining, should be drafted by early March. Britain wants to opt out.

Necas’s center-right Civic Democrats have long been split on the euro, with a sizeable faction opposing deeper integration,cheap oakley sunglasses, but it has largely taken pragmatic views on the EU which is the key market for the export-dependent Czech economy.

Necas said there were issues that would be unacceptable for the Czechs.

“We will diligently monitor and take part in the debates,cheap oakley sunglasses, and if they stick to the corridor of balanced budgets, the size of deficits, debt brakes and so forth, those are things we will be doing anyway. We have no problem with that.”

“On the other hand if things are added like harmonization of direct taxes,fake oakleys, introduction of new taxes, harmonization of pension or health systems, some ex-ante evaluation of budgets,cheap oakley sunglasses, those are things that would be very hard to stomach.”

The Czechs have seen no bank collapses and maintained market confidence thanks to a low debt at below 40 percent of gross domestic product, less than half of EU average, and a fiscal consolidation program seeing the budget gap at 3.2 percent next year.

Necas said there was no deadline for joining the new treaty, which he said would need to remain open to countries which opt out for now but later want to join the euro,cheap oakley sunglasses, and for new EU members.

As EU members, the Czechs are obliged to eventually join the euro. But they have set no date and have said they will not do so any time soon.

Necas added there was no binding decision for the Czech Republic to take part in beefing up the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by bilateral loans, a plan the Czechs have opposed.

(Reporting by Jan Lopatka and Roman Gazdik)