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Don’t say anything else, says the number of call monkey, became 4*4*4*10*2 (red all summoned creatures doubling the number of = 1280 and is the same and the Reds levelAnd, the gold hoop stick every upgrade, fire monkey skills might also in increasing, now the gold hoop stick level up to level 4, to summon fire monkey skills must be powerful.When red is happy close not approach mouth, with a bang,cheap oakley sunglasses uk, the warehouse door was opened, she was livid rushedCross wanted to put the hammer of Thor stay for a period of time, it has been and Artemis pulls the skin. Just, his heart is more panic,cheap oakley sunglasses store, as if what terrible things are happening.Finally, she couldn’t help it, he did not Artemis surprised eyes, forced to set a mind, calculation.Cross is a former Greek god, although “retirement”, but the foundation is still, all of a sudden the occurrence and temple storehouse thing calculate a * * does not leave the ten. Cross immediately turned livid, roar, direct rushed out of the hall.Artemis wondered, “what happened, let a fool so angry?” Then, Artemis also quietly followed behind Cross, want to beside see joke.The red cross a see be ablaze with anger rushed in, suddenly sober come over from the extreme state of excitement. His heart suddenly suddenly, secretly regret. However, the red regret but not the Cross family are emptied, but regretted his action is too slow. If he moves faster,oakley sunglasses uk, earlier artifact here all fused over, and then complete the expulsion of ghost rat task, while Cross do not know what happened, the Beastmaster’s heart away,discount oakley holbrook store, and then back to the red city. A monkey in the red town sits, he is not afraid of this, hit the red city to find him.The monkey king Sun Wukong was Sharma Portelli von Gong Haona easily caught before leaving, the monkey teach into the red gods teach inside, Sun Wukong also automatically become gods teach the congregation. After he rescued red concentration camp from Schindler, Sun Wukong was invited to be the honorary deputy leader of the evil teach. Not only that, he also joined the red nations, become red country law enforcement elders. There is a dare to the Jade Buddha, such sects head challenge the monkeys in the city in the red, red now really nobody is he dare not offend.However, the red now after all also experienced numerous strong wind and big waves, although just saw she rushed in, heart suddenly surprised for a while, but then immediately stabilized.The heart reads a to move, the absolute ruler, Ken Hill cliff is used at the same time out, put yourself in the middle of. Not only that, nothing ring diamond body and random transmission is ready to launch preparations, as long as see potential bad, immediately ready to sneak out.”Red”, the heart is in the blood, hate?相关的主题文章:

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