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but more the lack of data in this regard, we are often more concerned about policy issues and reality are closely related, focusing on Short-term changes in income distribution, Mr. Piketty studies with a long-term problem of data for hundreds of years,christian louboutin cheap, there is a study of the benefits of long-term problems, you can focus on income distribution between generations,barbour soldes, he found in capitalist countries,air max pas cher pour homme, there are also generation intergenerational mobility inequality, the last generation of more wealth transfer to the next generation through inheritance, the previous generation of inequality may lead to the next generation of inequality, from this perspective, really sparked our thinking on these issues This is I think the basis of this book can be a sensation of economics.He Fan: I should add that I think this book could be so kind enough to fire its name from a good relationship.

and ask you to see if you do not back off, you do not back off, I can rest assured a.Piketty professor in the book talked about how a lot of very controversial taxation of income inequality to solve the problem, including your talking about famous. Professor Mei said,air max pas cher femme, when it comes to your speech if public capital accounted for a high proportion, can alleviate to some extent the problem of income inequality, China is a good example of our public capital is relatively high, which for ease China’s income distribution is helpful,jordan pas cher, if the petroleum, petrochemical money,parajumpers paris, then I should be happy fishes, but I do not know why I was not happy, Mr. Yao has done research in this area, from Chinese state-owned enterprises,soldes louboutin, the income from research professor Piketty not equality, the reform of state-owned enterprises in what you can to alleviate the problem of income inequality play a role, or that it has little to do with income inequality?Yao Yang: Mr. Piketty say this time is mainly based on the European experience, Europe is indeed the case, the more a government possession of public resources will be more equal society, such as the Nordic countries, which is based on the premise that the government put these Money flowers close up again people’s body, which is a prerequisite, if not impossible to achieve this premise redistribution effect. Back to China, China’s state-owned enterprises accounted for about 30% share of the industrial manufacturing industry about follow,hollister italia, with 40% of non-industrial might, the state-owned enterprises basically do not pay dividends, such as Peking University Founder nominally owned,red bottoms, but the Founder North dividends to extremely small.

how do abolished after the abolition of private property,piumini moncler, of course, is simply a nightmare can easily say that private property will become a serious inequality, but the need to design effective ways, such as private property,parajumpers paris, the rule of law and how to combine a progressive tax system, of course, now there are more reference points, I chose this Title mainly want is to put the issue back into the core distribution economics, this should be the core of the problem,tiffany, how to develop long-term, to re-allocation issues into the core of economics, which is inseparable from the analysis of the data and analysis of historical performance.Into the 21st century, we need to be understood as a matter of economics, history,hollister, often inseparable from the historical background of all the problems, I mainly want to inherit those scholars study before they proceed with such a study, is not opposed to the use of mainstream The theoretical model, I used theoretical model,chaussure tn pas cher, as an economist should be relatively simple theoretical framework to explain a lot of the actual evidence, many economists on the contrary, they use special high-level theoretical framework to explain the little stuff.China’s high public capital ratios have not narrowed the gap between rich and poorHe Fan: I was in college the first day our professor called me in the past,escarpins louboutin, he said, young man, I see you like the material scholarship,christian louboutin shoes, I’ll teach you a trick, four years of college, “Das Kapital” plus three volumes of “surplus value theory History “, four books a year, you can be back to you, I really back off, I found that really does not back down.

“21st Century Capital”, Professor Piketty how would think such a name from it, you back off. ” Das Kapital “it?Thomas Piketty: I read “Das Kapital”, but I spent a long time, “Das Kapital” more focused on the theoretical level, do all sorts of estimates for the future, it is the background of the industrial revolution in Europe, 1860 Britain,air max bw pas cher, France and other countries around the wage stagnation, corporate profit growth and faster,parajumpers femme, Marx learned this background, many economists now built a more complex mathematical models, but they ignore the social environment we live and historical background, the starting point of Marx’s very important, but there is not enough data. Read through this book from beginning to end the country is not very easy, he did not think the abolition of private property, the result of what happens in the future.

will give 200 million a year, the school received little, and we also like the state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises made money, but did not return to the state of the dividend. On the other hand spending our country is also very interesting, government spending about 40 percent you spend on infrastructure, there are about 17 percent flowers government themselves, the direct cost to the people’s head is relatively small, the Chinese government to take this a lot of money out of the building, to improve the distribution of income is not much to improve the business environment.