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the free exercise of Hong Kong’s total spending on the cumulative contribution of HK $ 6,300 million. Hong Kong’s per capita equivalent to one-third of the pay increases, but also bring more than 100,000 jobs for workers in Hong Kong, Hong Kong unemployment rate remained at about 3.2% of national employment. If a sudden halt to the free exercise of mainland tourists levy entry tax, is bound to make the government lose billions each year in economic benefits,mulberry sale uk, it will also affect hundreds of thousands of tourism-related industries labor jobs. Hong Kong labor participation rate fell,abercrombie and fitch, unemployment soared.Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying morning of February 11 for the first time a positive response to entry tax and said:. “Immigration has always been our visitors to levy taxes is not feasible.

so disputes continue.Two intense conflicts must be traced back to early 2012,abercrombie pas cher, there were eating mainland tourists in Hong Kong subway car, the altercation conflict with the people of Hong Kong; post-conflict response to a Peking University professor accused of “Hong Kong people in the mainland part of the first video is online dog “, causing a strong rebound in Hong Kong; and then part of the Hong Kong people to” locusts “derogatory mainland people, they think mainland people plunder the resources of our society, erosion of Hong Kong’s core values.Lately, Hong Kong SAR government to quell discontent, the “double non-” Pregnant women giving birth in Hong Kong quota reduced to zero,louboutin shoes, the Mainland infant milk powder market clearing water off a storm but occurred SAR Government moves to enact limit milk so, in the end they lead to a new discontent. For surges visitors from the Mainland,woolrich outlet, and even Members of entry tax levy.Was denied entry tax levyHong Kong’s “people power” of the Legislative Council on February 10 Albert Chan Government proposal to introduce passenger entry tax, to each non-resident arrivals by land levy entry tax of HK $ 100. Albert Chan said entry tax can make the water off the number of greatly reduced.

” Mr Leung noted that today there are about 100,000 passengers visitor arrivals by land,moncler uomo, mainly in the Mainland,doudoune pjs, but At the same time every day,hollister, 180,basket nike,000 people enter the mainland to Hong Kong residents, many of whom are working in the mainland, life, reading, etc.,mulberry sale uk, so that “all policies are not only the idea of � olding the unilateral.” Mr Leung stressed that visitors bring plenty of job opportunities for Hong Kong’s tourism and grassroots, “So,mulberry bags, we can not not rich arrogant.”Whether restrictions on mainland tourists Yin ZhengyiWhether the number of mainland to Hong Kong should “cap”, causing the hot sectors in Hong Kong.

and mitigate the impact on people’s daily lives and smuggling traffic brings.Hong Kong public opinion, advice on immigration tax unrealistic, and damage our interests and image. Chairman of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, said only arriving passengers overland entry tax levy is not fair,woolrich bologna, “Why do not charge by plane to come?” She thought to solve the problem can be taken to enhance the reception capacity of the Hong Kong way, while income tax territory is “punitive “measures. As for the “people power” claimed to reduce water entry tax set-off, she thought the water off and passengers are two groups, should not be confused.Yiu Si-wing tourism sector of the Legislative Council,christian louboutin cheap, said levy entry tax, will affect the tourism industry in Hong Kong 230 000 businesses, together with 600,000 employees indirectly related industries such as retail,christian louboutin uk, jobs will be damaged, reducing the number of visitors to Hong Kong once,parajumpers femme, Hong Kong may reduce the income of HK $ thousand billion a year. He criticized the proposal will only stir up conflicts between Hong Kong and the Mainland,abercrombie france, there is no benefit.Since the implementation of the Mainland to Hong Kong free exercise of decades, the number of tourist arrivals continue to hit a new high,giubbotti peuterey, bring to Hong Kong every year tens of billions of dollars in revenue. Since 2003 alone.