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Zhang master is responsible, whether it is excessive speed,christian louboutin discount, failing to maintain adequate safe distance from the vehicle in front,basket louboutin, or due to negligence did not find the car itself,parajumpers paris, all belong driver’s own fault. In addition, the unit also stressed in the internal meeting them three times five orders require drivers should not be allowed “disease” out of the bus,tn, and the organization of the training,zanotti homme, each driver must sign a security undertaking. But with them are not in violation of the provisions of the “disease” out of the bus after the accident do not find a cause from their own, but do not indulge in the car front wheel brake refused to make the appropriate checks. Has the right to dismiss on the basis of rules and regulations to make a decision.At issue is whether the case of a serious breach of the rules and regulations of them are flat. Judging from the accident scene photographs of them are driving a vehicle security problems on the front brakes.

After the accident the next day, the unit that is to receive safety education for the famous Gang of them are stopped and asked them are written statement after the accident and write checks, after detailing what happened after Zhang master unit still think of them are not checked in the Accident causes attributed to their own reasons,air max femme, so there is no truly “mistake” and demanded of them are correct attitude and re-write the check until the required date. This allows them are intolerable,boutique christian louboutin, refused to obey the unit to them are “serious violation of company rules and regulations” as an excuse to dismiss the warning them are made and the decision to lift the labor contract. In addition,parajumpers paris, the unit also conduct them are “economic sanctions” in order to break the law by deducting the 400 yuan wages,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, so of them are paid,louboutin shoes, “a one-time accident compensation.” 610 yuan.Accor Bus: after an accident also fooling nothing wrong,parajumpers homme, according to the system “dismiss”Unemployment after them are not convinced, to the area where the Commission to apply for a secondary labor arbitration,modelli hollister, but the committee did not support his ruling. He turn taken to court,christian louboutin uk, requesting an order cancellation unit made its decision and restore labor relations dismissal, shall be deducted wages had returned to his compensation,air max homme, wage rights era have to supply him a lot of points.Zhang master the demands of this unit from the rear-end accidents argued.

but the question is whether all of the reasons of the accident is not yet confirmed. In this regard, the court held that Zhang master after the accident, refused to accept safety education unit, in violation of rules and regulations of the unit. But the cause of the accident is unknown in this case, the loss is not an accident,abercrombie pas cher, fault them are mainly in the attitude afterwards,christian louboutin pas cher, does not constitute a serious violation of rules and regulations. Units can be criticized for its warning, but it can not be dismissed. The former is self-management of the employer, the court should not interfere too much; the latter is the lifting of the labor contract involving the fundamental interests of the workers.

it will be necessary to review its legality and rationality. Accordingly,christian louboutin shoes, the court called for the repeal of them are warning the decision not to support the idea,barbour pas cher, but that the decision to revoke labor contracts punishment is too heavy.