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2004,christian louboutin femme, in order to reduce development time, their company and some technical institutions in Europe began to cooperate, the introduction of the prior art greatly accelerated the development progress. But now beginning to feel a lot of technology can not be bought. Yuan Zhong Snow said: “They are willing to sell some of the elimination of backward technology,giuseppe zanotti basket, once you feel that there is a threat to him, do not want to sell the future only independent research and development.”Expansion of Asian found that about starting in 2010, there have been some new intellectual property litigation trends. Specifically, is involved in intellectual property litigation firm size,tiffany outlet italia, position in the industry,outlet abercrombie, as well as the interests involved are constantly upgraded. “Some do more ordinary products business previously involved in patent litigation, such as household appliances enterprises. And now more patent litigation from chemicals,louboutin pas cher, telecommunications, pharmaceutical field, frequently it comes to large-scale equipment,hollister soldes, telecommunications or pharmaceutical products. The original patent litigation-prone are foreign enterprises v. China’s small-scale enterprises, of course, there to prosecute between Chinese enterprises each other,hollister, and now gradually transformed into large enterprises in China v overseas big companies, or outside of large enterprises v large enterprises in China,doudoune femme moncler, and even foreign big business another prosecution case. Obviously, these cases involve benefits is also growing.

such as in the past involved a washing machine also a few thousand dollars,louboutin paris, now involved in a mold, production equipment,woolrich arctic parka, production lines may be tens of millions, or even several bn. So if unfavorable outcome of litigation, it is possible to collapse a business. “he explained.To improve awareness of intellectual property, and set good Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. Shanghai Branch Shi Liang have personal experience. His work has been good set of four or five years, obviously feel now do business intellectual property advice, ask questions are not the same. Very basic questions asked in the past, such as “how can I use the trademark”, now ask is,woolrich prezzi, “I’m a registered trademark down these, how can we maximize the value.” He told the reporter, now generally medium-sized enterprises have specialized intellectual property managers, business owners of small businesses are to consult the relevant issues.Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. good set of partner and vice president of the Beijing Patent Agents Association wang huaqiang of the correspondents said that from 2012 onwards,air max bw pas cher.

Gree Electric is the world’s largest R & D,nike tn 2014, production, sales and service in one of the specialized air-conditioning business, own brands sold in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. Patent strategy is an important part of business strategy Gree, as a global, forward-looking work,christian louboutin femme, Gree attaches great importance to patents, intellectual property management system the company is directly led by Dong Mingzhu.Gree’s patent awareness is the first to be excited at the beginning of this century. At that time, Gree full of confidence to go to Japan to buy “multi-line technology”, I did not expect to touch a bloody nose,tiffany milano, the other said, “This is the Japanese company with 16 years of their own development, currently the most advanced technology, the amount of money do not sell. ” Since then,hollister kids, Dong Mingzhu determined to engage in independent research.Now, found that “can not buy a” more and more enterprises. Co., Ltd., Qingdao University of soft control, the National Snow tire rubber and Yuan Zhong Engineering Technology Research Center,hollister, deputy director, told correspondents.

began to try to set a good company to do the intellectual property strategy consulting. “You can not think, even the traditional farming industry,woolrich parka, construction materials production industry should be carried out patent portfolio.”Of course, not all companies have such a strong awareness of intellectual property protection. Yao Zhang, general manager of Wenzhou Intellectual Property Service Park told correspondents, Wenzhou now has a particularly strong sense of intellectual property rights in the intellectual property business is “eat bitterness” or “tasted the sweetness of” business, corporate awareness of the need to further enhance innovation further improve the environment.”Looking forward to the establishment of IP courts.