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the start of free trade test area China (Shanghai), China’s institutional barriers break mechanism breakthroughs. Circles expect, eighteen Third Plenary Session of the reform of institutional mechanisms to release more power of taxation, finance, land, and prices for Chinese economic transformation and upgrading escort.”The government and the market” Off: draw each other’s boundariesHigh-tech Zone in Qingdao this year launched a major reform: the original six CMC blanket government functions,christian louboutin for cheap, now, “Put out the middle, leaving only the ends,mulberry uk,” the science and technology park construction, financing, evaluation, operations of the four links to the market, the government more emphasis on good planning and services.”The government should do something.” High-tech Zone in Qingdao City Committee Secretary Chen Fei told reporters that this year they try to introduce industry platform Silicon Valley.

haze is definitely not just environmental disasters,louboutins, it is the Chinese growth model of high energy consumption serious warning.Ten years, China has repeatedly increased efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, but they fall into “the capacity to more” of the cycle.”In the case of serious excess steel capacity, some places are still launched large-scale steel projects, and some even names such as vanadium and titanium in green packaging.” The research found that for the problem,mulberry sale uk, the NPC Standing Committee said,mulberry outlet, there are still some places in disguise support industries with excess capacity expansion.To resolve the difficulty of overcapacity, which reflects China’s economic transformation storm.”On the surface is overcapacity,chaussure tn pas cher, in fact, some local governments blindly competing projects, resulting in duplication ‘everywhere’.” Director of the Central Party School of Economics, said Zhao Zhenhua.In June this year, fermentation in the inter-bank “money shortage” phenomenon, will hide behind the Chinese economy in local debt surged,Red Bottom Shoes, shadow banking, real estate bubble and other risks zoom, exposing more of China’s economic transformation must face hurts.”These issues, and local view of achievements related to the pursuit of GDP, exposing the shortcomings of the traditional growth model, the lack of endogenous economic growth momentum.” Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and Politics researcher Zhang Bin said.In recent years, local governments company trend evident in many places under the banner name of urbanization engage Zaochengyundong, government-run cities, land auction “sites” frequent, higher transfer rates more …”China has proposed changing the growth mode for nearly 20 years, why the results are not obvious? Rooted institutional barriers.” Economist pointed out, only to promote market-oriented reforms, can only pave the way for economic restructuring and upgrading.Although the central government “not to GDP Hero”.

but many local leaders in terms of changes in the development of ideas orally, in fact,doudoune parajumpers, to go or investment-based, the pursuit of high GDP growth, old,red bottom shoes, likes fast slow worry.Not turn back,giubbotto woolrich, as well as existing mechanisms of land, finance, taxation, prices and other imperfections caused by many constraints,nike air max femme, lack of independent local government financial resources,chaussures louboutin, services and other emerging industries is difficult to become a dominant force in the economy, resulting in the industrial structure adjustment lag.Development and transition, like China’s economic take-off “wings”, only to find the “golden balance” between the two, in the development and expansion of the economy to stabilize employment, improve the quality and efficiency of the economy in transition,barbour paris, in order to ensure that the growth rate “for block “of the Chinese economy steady Zhiyuan line.The party’s 18 years,cheap christian louboutin, China issued a series of initiatives to declare deepening reform, accelerate economic restructuring determination: a comprehensive audit of local government debt, the introduction of serious excess capacity to resolve conflicts reform “road map” to accelerate the construction of affordable housing, encourage technological innovation .. ..”For China, structural reform measures like a dose of bitter medicine, will bring some temporary pain,doudoune moncler pas cher, but will help keep the economy healthy and avoid future crises more likely.” International Monetary Fund’s new chief in China on behalf of Alfred? Xi Puke said.Currently.

Tsinghua Science Park, more let the market force.How to sort out the limits of government and the market, with the power of the government, “subtraction” in exchange for market dynamic “addition”, which is in the deepwater area of � hina’s reform and must cross the storm.At present, our country is still excessive administrative approval items, a few places,christian louboutin shoes, the department set for approval, permit arbitrary,mulberry outlet, procedures are not standardized,jordan pas cher, tied the corporate.